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In The News for Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Posted Aug 11 2020 8:18AM

·        From the journal Politics and the Life Sciences, we have social science research that better looking people trend conservative. Well, that’s hardly a surprise, is it? As Steven Hayward points out:

The implications of this are immense. First, conservatives should support subsidizing cosmetic surgery as one means to create more conservatives. Second, we can see this as yet another reason liberals demand that everyone wear masks, and why mask-wearing will become a permanent goal of the left.

·        #WalkAway Foundation had a pro-Trump march Saturday afternoon in, of all placed, Beverly Hills, CA. It was peaceful and apparently no police stations were burned and no stores looted.

·        Yessir. Absolutely. I’m going to take my cue from a bunch of 18 to 22 year old woke nitwits who don’t seem to have bothered to actually find out the implications of schools starting back up. I saw where the University of Georgia held a “die in.” How embarrassing.  

·        “Through history, the normal practice has been to shoot looters. Rightly or wrongly, we are no longer willing to do that.” The result seems to be a dystopian universe right out of Escape from New York. Chicago, under the governance of Mayor Lightweight Lightfoot, has become one of the most dangerous cities in the world.  She came unglued when a reporter actually pointed out that Chicago’s failure to prosecute these criminals might be part of the problem. As Glenn Reynolds so aptly said, “It’s stressful to realize you’re stinking at your job in front of the whole world.” I am not sure even Snake Plissken wants to go to Chicago. What we’re going through reminds me of the prologue of most vengeance movies. You spend the first 30 minutes watching just how evil the bad guys are so that the audience will have no sympathy when the good guy begins to mete out justice. I think we’re headed that way. I’m already there.

·        Call me crazy, but I’m not sure this is such a good idea. Group behind ‘Occupy Wall Street’ planning 50-day ‘White House Siege’ through Election Day.

·        Insanity Wrap #24.

·        Even Seattle seems to be about fed up. Protestors invading Seattle Police Chief’s home said they were met with guns and felt unsafe. Poor things.