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In The News-Weekend Edition-August 8, 2020
Posted Aug 08 2020 2:54PM

·        This could get interesting. The Democrats might just have handed President Trump a big “W”. If his threat of executive action forces them to the table on his terms. It would be a big win.

·        The economic news isn’t cooperating with the Democrats’ narrative. Third Quarter GDP will be reported in October and it could be the biggest quarterly increase in history coming right in front of the November election.

·        I’ve gotten to be a fan of Chris Ciovacco’s commentaries on the market and his studies of historical market signals because his approach mirrors what has served me well for most of my career. He does a great job of compiling data and comparing it to historical precedents.

·        I’ve had a lot of posts about the facts surrounding the Wuhan Virus ranging from links to scientists and studies about the effectiveness of masks to the ridiculous early predictions made which have proven to be totally worthless. PowerLine has an interesting article about how many of us have totally abandoned our grip on common sense and have ignored our own experience over the past several months.

Throughout human history, people’s opinions have been based mostly on their own observations and experience. If someone tried to sell a line of BS, a normal person would check the claim against his own experience and, if it didn’t add up, reject the claim. This was known as common sense.

I can’t explain why so many Americans have seemingly abandoned their own observations as a guide to reality, but that does seem to be the point at which we have arrived.

I personally don’t know a single person who has caught the disease. I have personally tried to lead my life as normally as possible. Out of curiosity, I was just tested for COVID-19 and was negative. I was also tested for antibodies and was negative. In other words, I have apparently not been exposed despite being at a wedding reception with 200 people who made no effort to “social distance.” As I’ve said before, we’ll look back on this as the 21st century version of the Dutch Tulipmania of the 1600’s.

·        An interesting look back at history and the battle to be FDR’s running mate. Contrast it with the current jockeying to be Biden’s running mate. Not any Truman’s in the running. FDR had three different vice presidents during his reign. His first, John Nance Garner of Texas was famous for his statement that the vice presidency was as important “as a bucket of warm spit.” It the current case it takes on considerably more importance due to the likely incapacity of Joe Biden should he win the election. His second vice president was Henry Wallace of Iowa, a hard core leftist progressive who was sympathetic to the Soviet Union. He later ran for president on the Progressive ticket. Thankfully, a higher power must have had a hand in making sure he was dropped and Truman got the nod when it counted.

·        Diversity, Silicon Valley Style. Clip of the Week.

·        According to The Washington Post the riots stopped when the feds left town. Day 69: Rioters Set Portland Police Precinct on Fire. From the paper of record. Portland Police Stop Armed Robber, Tell Him To Put Mask On. Meanwhile, “peaceful protesters” in Portland harass elderly woman with walker and throw paint on another.

·        The New York Times must have finally had enough. The Democrats’ internal polling must be horrific to explain why the Times is finally reporting the truth.

·        So, those Hawaiian shirts you like to wear in the summer are not a sign of white supremacy. Too bad. Does that mean I’m now a Boogaloo Boy? Can we possibly get any more triggered? I keep being amazed at what they can come up with.

·        Michelle Obama claims she is depressed. You’ll never guess who she blames. OK Fine, You guessed right.

·        Robert Reich, the left wing former Clinton Secretary of Labor and current professor at U.C. Berkeley, isn’t so keen on poor people moving into his posh neighborhood.

·        CDC warns against drinking Hand Sanitizer.  People are having seizures, losing vision and dying after drinking hand sanitizer, CDC warns. Natural selection at work and some candidates for this year’s Darwin Awards.

·        Joe Biden and Susan Rice? As John Sobieski says in American Thinker, …a unique pairing of someone who can’t tell the truth and someone who can’t remember the truth.  

·        Ph.D. student triggers classmates with Zoom background of President Trump. He faces a possible suspension from Stockton University in New Jersey. They need to be sued good and hard. And how about this twerp from Clemson University? Clemson School of Computing Asst Prof Bart Knijnenburg. How does this guy have a job at a publicly funded university in a state with a Republican Governor, a Republican Senate and a Republican House?  

·        Epic trolling. Trump campaign’s 404 Error Page. They did it once before with Hillary in a classic troll. Now Biden. As I’ve said before, when it comes to memes, the Dems are way behind. I think it has something to do with increasingly losing your sense of humor the further left you go.

·        A sign of the times. Tucker Carlson outdraws the NBA. 3.9 million viewers to 1.2 million. Get woke, go broke.

·        As I’ve said before, President Trump could give Pavlov advice. He just trolls these pathetic, woke reporters with hardly any effort. A perfect GIF of how Trump interacts with reporters.