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In The News for Thursday, August 6, 2020
Posted Aug 06 2020 6:23AM

·        I’ve been anticipating this kind of reaction from normal people who have been pushed too far. I expect we’ll see more of this. Protesters in Seattle encounter armed locals not in the mood to host them.

·        A new Gallup poll shows that 61% of black citizens do not want the police to cut back in their neighborhoods and 20% want even more of a presence.

·        It’s being reported that Biden has narrowed his VP pick to Kamala Harris and Susan Rice. Oh, boy! As I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, Susan Rice achieved peak Peter Principle years ago. I don’t see either one dragging Joe across the finish line. Here’s a little Biden humor courtesy of Johnny Carson and Robin Williams.

·        “Breathtaking” evidence of misconduct in Russia probe. From all I’ve read that may be an understatement. Hopefully, we can expect to hear from the Durham investigation by the end of summer.  

·        You think maybe the media is hoping no one will notice how utterly wrong and incompetent they were? Media silent as Christopher Steele ‘Hero’ ‘Spymaster’ narrative crumbles.

·        CBS asked Joe about a cognitive test and it didn’t go well.

·        Sally Yates throws Comey under the bus. Asked if Comey went “rogue” she answered, “You could use that term, yes.”

The cloak and dagger surrounding the Flynn investigation, and the entire Obamagate scandal, suggests strongly that key members of the Obama administration knew that they were breaking laws to undermine the incoming Trump administration. Hopefully, the Durham investigation will expose that in some indictments.

·        Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari is probably one of the last people we should take advice from on how to recover from the economic suicide we’ve already been through. He suggests a “hard lockdown” to get over the coronavirus and ensure a robust economic recovery.

·        A taste of things to come if we allow mail in balloting. 25% of the ballots in Brooklyn June primaries invalid. NY Primary races decided after 6-week delay due to mail in ballots.