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In The News for Friday, July 31, 2020
Posted Jul 31 2020 8:54AM

·       Reclaiming My Time (Remix). Please laugh responsibly.

·       Some Good News. This jives with the anecdotal evidence I’m seeing.

·       Martha MacCallum Nails Barr Hearing: Dems “Could Have Just Propped Up a Picture of Him and Yelled At It.” LOL. If you are a Democrat and you weren’t embarrassed by what transpired, then you are beyond hope.

·       A pretty good example of how Twitter thinks. Oversight is badly needed.

·       Obama told a packed crowd at the Lewis funeral that mail-in ballots are needed ‘so people don’t get sick.’ He should have an assistant standing next to him with instructions to give him a head slap whenever he says something ridiculous. He’s be pretty punch drunk by the end of his talk.

·       Biden names Aunt Jemima as running mate. Well, she punches all the boxes.

·       I’m not quite ready to take my political cues from a bunch of poorly educated athletes who can do anything with a basketball but autograph it. Tuning out the NBA.

·       I’ll be surprised if this academic nitwit actually makes it to Auburn’s campus. The War Eagle yell really triggered him and now he’s sharing his anarchist views of the police.   

·       Just another Obama administration scandal. Media response: Nothing to see here. Just move on.

·       Herman Cain who was, I believe, suffering from stage 4 renal cancer passed away from Wuhan Virus complications. Here is a great clip from an interview. Liberals on Twitter were quick to show their typical compassion.

·       Trader Joe’s shows some backbone. Good for them. Hope it’s catching.

·       The Flynn case continues to be a travesty of justice as Judge Sullivan drags it ou,t keeping Flynn’s lawyers on the clock. I suspect a civil suit will follow.

·       A large majority of Americans blame China for the global spread of the Coronavirus. A private school in my town had two boarding students from Wuhan, China return from Christmas break sick and they proceeded to infect most of their dorm and at least one dean.

·       Peaceful protest intensifies as Seattle mayor blames Trump after rioters blew open a police station using a van full of explosives. There is going to be a price to pay at some point and it’s like a movie where they spend the first part showing how evil the bad guys are so you won’t have any sympathy for them when the get their just desserts.

·       From a U.S. Senator who employed a Chinese spy for several years – China is ‘growing into a respectable nation.’  

·       From the paper of record. As part of settlement with Nick Sandmann, CNN hosts must wear MAGA hats during all broadcasts. And this: ‘Trump might not accept the results of the 2020 election’ says movement that still hasn’t accepted the results of 2016 election. And finally: AOC pulls all-nighter studying for Covid test.

·       The WAPO has just named its first Managing Editor for Diversity and Inclusion. As Mark Tapscott says, “They were called ‘political officers’ in the Soviet Union.  

·       The U.S. Attorney for Oregon calls out the media for their dissembling, which is a polite way of saying their lying lies.

·       Susan Rice’s testimony about being out of the Russiagate loop doesn’t add up. To be fair, she was distracted as her pants were on fire.