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In The News for Thursday, July 30, 2020
Posted Jul 30 2020 6:08AM

·        President issues Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship. Now let’s enforce it or make them pay the economic consequences.

·        Stephen Kruiser: The Democrats Plan On Stealing the Election.

If today’s headline about election-stealing seems a bit over the top and incendiary I can assure you that it was most intentional. Democrats and their flying media monkeys make outlandish claims like that about conservatives and Republicans all the time and are never held accountable for them.

·        Wonder who they’ll be voting for? More than 100 police agencies pull out of security for the DNC Convention.

·        “Did they do that before or after the fire was put out?” – Barr’s epic answer to Rep. Jamie Raskin’s (D-MD) question. Barr was clearly the adult in the room.

·        It’s about time. Trump Administration says it will reject new DACA applicants as it considers ending program entirely. If I were looking to help a beleaguered group of potential immigrants, it would be South African farmers who are being murdered by their racist countrymen.   

·        The video of “peaceful protests” that the Democrats didn’t want to impugn their narrative at the Barr hearing. Nadler wasn’t happy.

·        An excellent article about John Kass of the Chicago Tribune who has called out the Soros funded DA’s who are releasing criminals back into civilization almost as soon as they are arrested. The cancel culture has come after him but he is unbowed. A huge majority of Americans are now concerned about rising crime and feckless Democrat prosecutors.

·         How do you know the Dems came up empty in their attempted mugging of Atty. Gen. Barr? Even the Washington Post’s four writers were unable to spin it any better than a draw. Anyone who watched it realizes that it wasn’t even close to a draw. Barr ate their lunch. Nadler is simply a disgusting, lying hack.

·        Related: Dems starting to panic that voters will blame them for riots. Well, they should. I don’t believe there has been a riot in a Republican led city. How odd.

·        Dems reclaim their time, not their minds, during Barr hearing. The bewildering bombardment of Bill Barr. And this. The Top Ten Epic Moments During The Barr Hearing.

“It all seemed like a comic skit until you realized that these malevolent clowns are the people we have elected to govern us. Hank “Guam” Johnson, Eric Swalwell, Pramila Jayapal, David Cicilline, Zoe Lofgren, Steve Cohen: I’m not sure who gave the most despicable performance on Tuesday. They are all horrible people.”

There is a good reason that Democrats hate Atty. Gen. Barr. He has their number.

·        Seeing actual journalism: Delightful. Seeing an ignorant Chris Hayes owned by an NBC colleague: Priceless.

·        Classic! CNN bashes black, female doctor for not toeing the line of their preferred narrative. They need to be canceled.

·        Something tells me this is a book anyone who has been in the service would enjoy. Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said: Wit and Wisom from American’s Finest. I can still remember mine vividly.  Summer of 1969, Ft. Gordon, GA. Staff Sergeant Findley, know affectionately(?) as Sergeant Friendly by his young charges. Our CO, Captain Holt, was a clone of John Laroquette in the movie Stripes.

·        In case you are not aware of it, George Soros has funded the campaigns of ultra-liberal attorney generals all over the country and the results have been disastrous. San Francisco is one example. St. Louis, MO is another. This woman needs to be thrown out of office and probably fined heavily and jailed.

·        Crime Wave (Updated). Owning a gun store right now is like minting gold.

·        Biden could not remember where he was until he checked his notes. What’s new?

·        I agree and frankly am surprised that no one with a national following hasn’t been more vocal on the subject. Congressman Steube would like to see the DOJ pursue treason charges over Russia probe misconduct. I don’t think there is any question that treasonous activity took place and they should pay the consequences.

·        I’ve maintained all along that the shutdown of our economy was a disastrous mistake. Here is some interesting evidence on the subjectI think history will conclude that the shutdowns turned a relatively mild epidemic into a relatively mild epidemic plus a catastrophic economic setback, with adverse health consequences that approached, and may even have exceeded, those of the virus. This has been my contention from day one and I have seen no reason to change my mind.

·        15 Examples of Big Tech out to get conservatives. That anyone could even argue the point is ridiculous. Big Tech’s response seems to be “Who you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?”