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In The News for Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Posted Jul 27 2020 9:10PM

·       ABC News works overtime at making a fool of themselves. Funny now those ‘peaceful’ demonstrations always wind up trying to burn down stuff and assault police.

·       Unfit to Govern. The evidence is pretty clear.

States that have low to no income taxes, are right-to-work and favor energy development do better economically than high tax, forced union and energy unfriendly states. According to the annual economic outlook rankings published by the American Legislative Exchange Council Center for State Fiscal Reform, in 2019 the bottom ten states were all run by Democrats and the top 10 states except two were run by Republicans.

·       Update in the annals of leftist autophagy. Students demand firing of black dean because she mixed up black students’ names.

·       Great quote from Mark Twain: If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man. Ilhan Omar would be a good example. Rwandan asylum seeker admits to setting fire to French cathedral.

·       Is it time to just let the liberal hellholes burn?

Other than some decent beer and food, I’m not sure why we need to keep Portland or Seattle around anyway. Let the riots continue and see just how badly the woke white liberals want to still pretend that they’re far-left progressives. Once the violence spills over into tonier neighborhoods — and it will — a lot of the “down with the struggle” Democrats might just decide that they’re done playing hippies from 1968 and get the hell out of Dodge.

·       Vote for Joe Biden or we’ll kill you may not be the best campaign slogan. Ronald Brownstein writing in The Atlantic seems to imply just that.

·       Will the nurse who blew in Joe Biden’s nose please stand up? My sister who is the Dean of the Nursing School at a major university wasn’t familiar with this protocol.

·       Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka has some thought on pro athletes kneeling during the National Anthem. It’s what you would expect from Mike. They’ll probably try to cancel him now. Somehow, I don’t expect him to issue an apology.

·       We already are seeing a potential shift in the black voters. Now it looks like the Democrats are trying to run off white voters, too. Smart strategy.

·       A rude awakening to being an adult. Ecstatic teen opens first-ever paycheck, learns what taxes are, is absolutely crushed.   Great video. Hilarious!

·       Guys girlfriend goes to ‘protest’ and comes back with a hickey. Tells him she was hit with a pepper ball. Right.

·       Jerry Nadler, aka The Penguin or Jabba the Nadler, toes the party line of the ‘peaceful’ protests in Portland. He is, of course, a lying liar and a pathetic hack.

·       More leftist autophagy. Bernie Sanders co-chair, Nina Turner: Voting for Joe Biden like eating ‘half a bowl of excrement.’ Well, that’s kind of what she said.

·       How to turn a Seattle soyboy CHAZ supporter into a gun-toting conservative in one easy step.

·       Mark my words. I’ve been forecasting that the black vote may be a real surprise in November. Things like this heinous crime will only accelerate it.

·       Gee. What a surprise! Google engineer arrested at Portland riot and charged with assault, attempting escape, resisting arrest and more. So far not a single mainstream media outlet has reported on this. Wonder if it will make the search results. Try Google engineer arrested at Portland riot. See any mainstream media like NYT, WAPO, NBC, CBS, ABC?  

·       Lin Wood is the attorney who has successfully represented Kentucky teenager Nick Sandmann, getting millions in settlement dollars from CNN and Washington Post. Now he’s taking on Carter Page. Hit them where it hurts.