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In The News for Monday, July 27, 2020
Posted Jul 26 2020 8:32PM

·     I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist, but recent events have caused me to reassess that. The level-headed and intelligent commentators on PowerLine are willing to consider the unthinkable. As they said, “Four years ago who would have believed the DOJ, FBI and CIA would team up to support their favored candidate, and failing that, would try to disable the incoming administration. It happened and was highly successful due to the predictable behavior of the Democratic Party and its news branch at the New York Times, Washington Post, and so on.”

·      As internal FBI documents keep being declassified, the evidence continues to show seditious activity on the part of the bureaucracy and a pattern of lying liars at the New York Times. If an indictment of Peter Strzok isn’t forthcoming from the Durham investigation a lot of people are going to want to know why.

·    This could get interesting. People on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force inside the Office of Naval Intelligence said they have found vehicles “humans couldn’t make ourselves and vehicles not made on this earth.”   

·     It’s hard being a freelance journalist. How do you sell your work to outlets as disparate as Fox News and CNN? This guy had figured it out.

·       A good story about how Mike Adams became the conservative he was in the midst of academia where his fellow professors regularly tried to cancel him. I found his articles very witty and particularly biting.

·       Unlike the recent turmoil at the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal editors aren’t buying into the cancel culture. Good for them. 

·  A win for decency. Finally. First CNN and now the Washington Post have settled with Nicholas Sandmann. Two down and six to go. Stick it to them hard, young man. Apparently his success has caused a run on MAGA hats. As Ryan Fournier said, He’s the highest paid person at the Washington Post and CNN. LOLOLOL.

·  CNN airhead Don Lemon attempted to make fun of President Trump’s taking a cognitive test. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t pass. This is the same nitwit who wondered on air if a black hole could have swallowed up Flight 370. Maybe he got the question from Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) who thought Guam might tip over if we put too many troops on it.

·  You can’t make up stuff this lame. LA Mayor Garcetti praises Portland Rioters a “the best of our democratic ideals.”

·    Good luck with that. DA’s in Philly and Baltimore vow to arrest Federal Agents if they try to restore order in their cities.

·   Seattle Police Chief To Residents: We No Longer Can “Preserve Property in the Midst of a Large, Violent Crowd”. Something will fill the vacuum left by police, and it seems doubtful the left will like the results. Per Glenn Reynolds: “We’ll see a lot of vigilante justice. And what are people gonna do about it? Call the cops? Remember, in the end the police aren’t there to protect the public from criminals, they’re there to protect criminals from the public. Communities dealt with crime long before police were invented, usually in rather harsh and low-due-process ways. The bargain was, let the police handle it instead. No police, no bargain.”

·      A new example of the “Get Woke, Go Broke” phenomenon. A&E cancels its most popular program (by far) and loses half of its viewership. What a shame.

·  Enjoyed this interview of President Trump by Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports. Not your typical presidential interview.

·       The Trump administration’s cancelling of the AFFH, the misnamed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing act, is an issue that might resonate with suburban voters if the left wants to make it an issue. It’s already been abused in Dubuque, IA and Westchester County, NY.

·        Long Prison Terms Needed. How true.

·       More insanity from academia. Rutgers English Dept. to deemphasize traditional grammar “in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.” The cost of attendance for out-of-state students runs over $50,000 per year. For that kind of money, I would expect my child to graduate being able to make their pronouns agree.   

·       A black Portland resident changed his mind about the nightly protests riots after he attended one. He now says the Portland Police should use any means necessary, including force, to sweep the riots off the streets and end the nightly violence.

·   WNBA players walk off court during National Anthem. I’d say that this might adversely affect their ratings, but the truth is than no one watches it, anyway. That’s not a sexist comment. It’s just the truth.

·       Things turned violent in Austin, TX. I can assure you that if anyone other than a policeman approaches my car aiming a rifle at my window, their fate will be the same. It’s called “Taking the Room Temperature Challenge.” Here’s another installment in the annals of leftist autophaby (eating their own). A Seattle radio host mocked President Trump by claiming that Seattle is peaceful, then rioters torched his apartment building. Now he has come over to the good side of the Force and is considering buying a gun to protect himself and his cat. No comment.

·       Seattle tries to go the “defund the police” crown one further. How about ‘Abolish Prisons?’ Keep it up and Seattle is going to look like an abandoned mining town. The city council has already voted to take lethal weapons our of the hands of police, “…a vote for violence, property destruction and anarchy.”

·       True. Absolutely True. Antifa is not a political movement, it’s a mental-health crisis.

·     We should see a whole lot more stuff like this. Meteorologist in Denver decides to cancel himself.     Credit the President of the station for having some backbone.