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In The News for Friday, July 24, 2020
Posted Jul 24 2020 8:04AM

·        They have the leadership they voted for and they’re getting it good and hard. Portland Mayor tear-gassed by federal agents, riot declared. The list of cities run by these feckless idiots all seem to have one thing in common. I’m sure you can’t possibly guess what it is. That’s right, they have progressive Democrat mayors.

·        I think there is a reason why Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have blown away all the records for viewership. They have been reporting the news that the mainstream media won’t cover like the true nature of the “mostly peaceful protests” that have resulted in numerous deaths and the destruction of private and government property. Interestingly, a poll indicated that 62% of Americans were not comfortable sharing their political views. My guess is that that 62% is overwhelmingly pro-Trump. We’ll see in November.

·        Did he really say that? It may be true that a lot of occidentals cannot easily distinguish between some oriental nationalities, but if Trump had said this, the media would be screaming “Racist” in unison. Biden: “Americans can’t distinguish between a South Korean and someone from Bejing.” He said this trying to make the point that it is wrong to hold China accountable for coronavirus. I’m at a loss to understand how the statement makes any sense, but then that’s true of most of Slow Joe’s utterances. Did you catch the one about nurses “blowing up my nose?” Oh! Am I ever looking forward to the debates, which I can’t imagine Biden’s handlers will allow to happen. His most recent attempt at being interviewed was abruptly ended by an aide after only a few minutes. I’m starting to get worried that despite their best efforts, the Dems may not be able to drag Joe across the finish line.  

·        If you listen to the mainstream media, you would think this chart must be inverted as they praise the feckless Cuomo and castigate DeSantis. Cuomo has done the absolute worst job of any governor.

·        Boatswain’s Mate Sarah J. Dudrey may have to answer for her despicable behavior while wearing the uniform of the U.S. Navy. F**k Trump isn’t the most respectable way to address your Commander-In-Chief.

·        Today’s Insanity Wrap #12 from Stephen Green shows what you get when an Antifa nitwit plays with matches. You get a well-done Antifa moron as this “’peaceful protestor’ sets himself on fire while attempting to peacefully burn down a courthouse with peace in his peaceful little heart.” As Stephen says, “…these days Portland is the global epicenter of crazy. It rocks a consistent 8.4 on the Bat Guano Scale.”

·        I’m guessing that when the police have a line-up of this car owner’s ex-girlfriends, she’ll be the one with no eyebrows.

·        The first Rasmussen poll which I mentioned several weeks ago showed 40% of likely black voters viewed President Trump favorable and 25% very favorable. The most recent Rasmussen poll showed Black Likely Voter approval at over 40%. When you consider that President Trump got 8% of the black vote in 2016, this is a real game changer.

·        Trump ends AFFH. It’s about time. Ben Carson had pretty much neutered it, but it needed to be totally trashed.  

·        Mike Adams was found dead in his home. I was a huge fan and have enjoyed his columns in Townhall for years. He was a great champion of the first amendment and of pure old common sense. He was known for castigating academia for its unhinged liberal bias.