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In The News for Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Posted Jul 21 2020 5:27PM

·        In honor of Moon Day here is some incredible AI enhanced footage of Neil Armstrong’s moon landing,

·        The Epstein saga just continues to get more bizarre. Federal Judge’s son shot and killed in attack at their NJ home by gunman dressed as Fedex driver. She has recently been assigned to the Epstein/Deutsche Bank case.

·        Gun sales have gone through the roof and it looks to be driven by first-time buyers. 12 Ga. Shotguns, the ne plus ultra of home defense, are selling like hotcakes. Nothing like hearing the click click of a pump shotgun chambering a round to make a home intruder question his career choice.

·        I have noticed the similarities between the two. It is not an exaggeration to compare the methods used by the new ‘woke movement’ to those of Mao’s Red Guards. They are strikingly similar. From John Gray of the London School of Economics. This is an excellent piece.

·        Update: Chronicles Of The Crazy Time (16). Orchestras need to be more diverse. End blind auditions. I think the author is on to something. Racial diversity doesn’t seem to be a problem in the NBA, NFL or Major League Baseball. Maybe we need to turn our attention toward them. Clearly, the NBA needs more short white guys.