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In The News for Monday, July 20, 2020
Posted Jul 20 2020 7:46AM

·        A MUST READ: THE SORDID HISTORY OF SCAM SCIENCE. Particularly timely. Paul Krugman gets special mention.

What was also not-so-novel about the COVID crisis was its origin in scam or junk science. John Ionnnidis, one of the leading critics of weak scientific work, jumped right in to alert people and policymakers about the many problems with various predictive models but he was largely ignored despite being one of the most highly-cited scientists alive. That is actually not unusual. Even before the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in 1962, Americans have been inundated with alarmist “scientific” claims that have not held up to close scrutiny. The problem is, they always hear about false claims but almost never hear about the retractions and whispered mea culpas (Latin for “my bad”). The net effect is undue pessimism about the state of the world.

As Winston Churchill said, a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth gets one leg it its pants.  

·        I’ve commented on the neck and neck contest going on for worst run American city. Minneapolis has been making a real run for it, but it has apparently inspired Portland to redouble their efforts to win the title. With 52 straight days of violent riots, they have to be considered the front-runner. They are getting the government the elected and therefore deserve. Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) seems determined to see his city burn to the ground as he stands idly by and facilitates the madness.

·        It’s a couple of weeks late, but I just saw it. The folks at Black Rifle Coffee Company combine target practice with a Fourth of July celebration. Excellent!

·        Paul Krugman Tightens Tin-Foil Hat in Latest Bizarre Attempt to Prove Trump Will Try to Steal Election. And the only “unidentified federal agents” showing up at the polls will be the ones in white coats to cart Krugman off for “observation” after the meltdown he has in the event Trump is victorious.

·        Despite my abhorrence of her politics, I wish RBG well and hope her treatment is successful. On the other hand, it seems abundantly clear that it is time she resign from the Supreme Court.

·        David Attenborough was not available for comment. Planet Earth: The Swamp.

·        Glenn Loury is an Economics Professor at Brown University. He took issue with a manifesto published by the Brown administration that, as he put it, “trafficked in the social-justice warriors’ pedantic language and sophomoric nostrums” and “invoked ‘race’ gratuitously.” In an interview, he had some comments on “structural racism.” Professor Loury is a black man.

·        Well, so much for HCL therapy and prophylaxis. I’m going with Rum and Bacon and Cheese Omelettes. I assume that Mojitos are a suitable substitute.

·        AOC names Salesman of the month at Goya as the Buycott she inspired takes off.

·        Is there anything Trump can’t do? U.S. infant mortality just hit an all-time low according to the CDC.

·        The Russia hoax continues to fall apart. Just envision Voldemort’s demise in The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

·        There are plenty of examples like this. It’s why no one trusts the numbers being reported

·        Good News! DOJ spokesperson, Kerri Kupec, indicated that the Durham investigation is on track to release a report by the end of summer. “There is a story to be told there. The American people deserve resolution, and frankly, justice deserves resolution,” Kupec declared.  

·        Joy Reid of CNN loses in court as 2nd Circuit revives libel claim against her. In a line-up replete with shallow nitwits like Brian Stelter, Joy stands out as being one of the most mind numbingly idiotic examples of a Post Turtle.  "You know she didn't get there by himself, she doesn't belong there, she doesn't know what to do while she's up there, and you just want to help the poor stupid woman get down."

·        I’ve commented on several occasions about wanting to see a lot less of Dobby Dr. Fauci on TV. Amazingly, he’s now holding up New York as the successful model for fighting the Wuhan Virus. “They did it correctly.” Are you kidding me!? Go re-read the first article I linked to today at the top of the page. This guy is way past his “sell by date.”