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In The News for Friday, July 16, 2020
Posted Jul 16 2020 9:06PM

·        A very interesting clip of a Dallas, Texas doctor who had successfully used HCQ to treat his patients. Worth watching. He makes the point that the key is early outpatient treatment. More people would be well-served to listen to doctors like this in lieu of Dobby Dr. Fauci.

·        We’re not the only country having trouble with China. This week the U.S. began naval operations in the South China Sea designed to send a message that China’s flouting of international law will not be tolerated.

·        Shed No Tears As the Final Nail Gets Driven Into American Journalism’s Coffin. They can call themselves journalists all they want and it doesn’t make it so. I can refer to myself as an NBA power forward all day, every day and I still won’t be able to dunk.

·        Buckingham Palace reveals new side hustle: Royal Gin. The first batch sold out within hours. The Queen in known for enjoying a Gin and Dubonnet before lunch. It is the first of her four drinks a day. Apparently, she enjoys a glass of wine with lunch, followed by a dry Gin Martini and then a glass of Champagne before bed. Sounds like she may be sloshed after lunch. I’m guessing she takes a nap before dinner.

·        Damn! I want my money back. The highest profile accounts on Twitter were hacked with messages going out under the Twitter tags of people like Elon Must, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden and others promising that if you sent them Bitcoin they would return it two-fold. What do you think the odds are that someone picked up a lot of Bitcoin?

·        Portland, OR is not happy that Minneapolis is trying to edge them out as one of the worst run cities in the United States. Portland anarchists are forming another autonomous zone downtown. After CHAZ/CHOP folded, this one is called CLAT, which stands for Chinook Land Autonomous Territory.

·        Kirstie Alley is looking for a place to live and she has some requirements that will trigger the Wokerati.

Please CC me which states aren’t getting rid of cops, 2nd amendment, capitalism, democracy, people with varying opinions, and ARE not implementing socialism, cancel culture,communism, fascism .. you know, stuff like that ..I’d like to move there

— Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) July 15, 2020

·        Something tells me that eventually this crook is going to get her comeuppance. Ilhan Omar has paid her husband’s firm over $1 million.

·        Who says Hollywood doesn’t make great movies anymore? LOLOLOL

·        America’s Reporters and Editors Are Liars. A sound adage holds that you should never assume malice when stupidity is a sufficient explanation. Here, the only explanation is malice. No one is as stupid as America’s reporters and editors pretend to be. The sooner their companies go out of business, the better.

·        Defamation suits are very difficult to win against newspapers, but this one could get interesting if they can prove malice