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In The News for Thursday, July 16, 2020
Posted Jul 16 2020 7:53AM

·        Another example of a black Democrat who has had enough. Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones (D) has come over from the dark side of the force. I knew when I saw Leo Terrell make the switch that something was happening. Will Black Americans Ditch the Democratic Party? There seem to be more and more who are doing just that.

·        Wonder what the reaction would be if one of the world’s most famous mosques were converted to a Southern Baptist Church? Christians around the world should take notice of Turkish President Erdogan’s decision to convert Hagia Sophia. Turkey should be subject to sanctions and roundly condemned by Western leaders, who have for the most part been silent.

·        Medical group says ‘little evidence’ lockdowns save lives, urges new COVID strategy. Unfortunately, politicians are still drunk with power and making decisions they have no expertise about. Masks are a political, not a public health, issue according to the best medical evidence, yet feckless mayors everywhere and retail establishments are requiring them.

·        The Best of Kayleigh. She has some comments on Felonia von Pantsuit.

·        I’m not a big fan anyway, but Burger King just made my restricted list with their asinine virtue-signaling about making their hamburgers from cows that don’t fart and burp as much by feeding them lemongrass. And speaking of high levels of methane, AOC might have precipitated a gaseous disaster as she spurred a reverse boycott on Goya beans

·        It’s always nice to find out that one of my kitchen staples not only tastes good but is a healthy addition to my diet. Pickled Capers activate proteins required for brain and heart function. A good lemon, caper, butter sauce can improve a lot of dishes. The active ingredient is Quercetin.  

·        A foretaste of one of the major campaign issues. Will Trump Run On Law And Order? Oh, will he ever.

·        Another example of leftist autophagy. A professor accused of falling asleep during an anti-racist Zoom meeting has had 2000 idiots sign a petition to have her fired. She claims she was “just looking down or briefly resting her zoom-weary eyes” and that she listened “with my ears and heart the entire meeting.” Good for her. I’d have been sawing logs before the intro was finished.

·        Oops! Instagram warns Donald Trump, Jr. over ‘false information’ after he posts REAL CNN headlines.

·        There is plenty of competition for worst run city; and New York, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and Minneapolis are running neck and neck. Minneapolis is trying hard to jump into first place.