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In The News for Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Posted Jul 15 2020 8:17AM

·        J.P. Sears For Surgeon General. Finally, an explanation of how we came up with some of the ridiculous rules our politicians and bureaucrats have instituted.

·        And what the heck is going on here? The difference between reported cases and actual cases is staggering.

·        AOC’s Goya boycott is having a massive effect across the country. Just not the one she wanted. Shelves are being cleared.

·        I have watched with interest the polls that show President Trump’s increasing support among black voters. If the polls and anecdotal evidence are right, it is a real game changer.

·        Someone needs to start cleaning out admirals before their due dates — and imposing an absolute prohibition on their post-service migration to industry, consulting, and lobbying. That would be a good start.

·        Insanity Wrap: The World Turned Right Side Up. Look around you and you’ll see we’re way past the point of a little temporary madness. At this point, if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were to get on Twitter today to announce that she was actually a chihuahua named Carlos*, Insanity Wrap posits that it would be a step up on the 2020 Sanity Scale.

·        A good example of how the bureaucracy undermines the President’s intended policies. Former acting Secty of DHS admits she sabotaged Trump’s recission of Obama’s DACA policy.

·        Looks like the Atlanta DA may be in hot water. Already under investigation, it looks like he stepped on it, perhaps criminally.

·        The French have seen a massive demographic change since 1968. I don’t believe for a minute that the population would have allowed this creeping shift to take place if they’d been paying attention and realized what the politicians were allowing to happen to their country.

·        Chronicles of the Crazy Time, episode 15. The Grossly Indignant Virtue-Engorged Angry Committee for Renaming Absolutely and Perpetually (GIVE-A-CRAP) has set their sights on the Texas Rangers and John Wayne. As infuriating as all this ridiculousness is, I can’t help but think that every time they open their mouths they get votes for Trump.

·        A modest proposal to help drain the swamp. It’s a great idea as long as they can be absorbed without changing the make-up of the electorate. The last thing we need is for them to bring their voting patterns with them.