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In The News for Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Posted Jul 14 2020 7:51AM

·        As Stephen Green puts it, “You Break It You Buy It.” Washington Denies Taxpayer Funds to Rebuild Minneapolis After Riots. No money for Blue Bailouts. They can pay for their own lack of leadership and for the nitwits they elected to public office.

·        Tesla continues to outpace the competition. Set to introduce million-mile battery.  

·        Beginning in September, Amazon will require sellers to list their name and location on their profile. It makes sense and should have been done all along.

·        The saga of whether or not HCQ is an effective treatment for the Kung Flu has seemingly been finally settled as several studies have shown that it is, much to the media’s dismay. Doctors are now urging it be made available over the counter.

·        Thousands of Doctors and Scientists have come out against Dr. Fauci’s lockdowns, including a Nobel Prize-Winning Biophysicist. Odd, I’m not seeing a lot about it in the media. You’d think they had a vested interest in another narrative or something.

·        In my opinion, the to wear of not to wear concerning masks is a political question, not a public health one.

·        I have a healthy mistrust of the numbers reported by various government entities on the Wuhan Flu. Here’s why. Recent COVID-19 cases in Florida could be inflated by as much as 30%.

·        Amid all the bad news there is some very good news. Gary Larson is back. The Far Side was  always one of my favorites.