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In The News for Thursday, July 9, 2020
Posted Jul 09 2020 7:25AM

·       A lot of folks are expecting to see South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem more in the national spotlight in the future. She is impressive and sat down for an interview with the Center of the American Experiment yesterday. Here is the interview.

·       On Tuesday, Harpers published an open letter signed by a few notable uber leftists calling for an end to Cancel Culture. Even Noam Chomsky signed it along with’s Matt Yglesias. How’s that for some hard-core leftists? Well, as is typical, it was fleeting as leftist autophagy kicked in and it looked like they would be eaten by their own. They backed off.  

·       In case you haven’t noticed, the left’s party line is now pushing the talking point that Patriotism is the same as promoting white supremacy. Not falling for that bulls**t.

·       We’ve already seen plenty of evidence of this trend. Human Resources Departments will become the Far Left’s fifth column and destroy the American workplace. Look at your own company and tell me if you haven’t seen an explosion in HR personnel and a creeping invasion into every decision made.

·       Life-long black Democrat walks away from Joe Biden. There have been several such instances. I believe we’re seeing a shift that might be a real game changer come November.

·       More good news from the DOJ. A new round of arrests for rioters in Portland for assaulting federal officers, vandalizing federal property and failing to obey lawful orders.   

·       At some point over the past few months most of us have had some experience with Zoom meetings. Here are the 11 best Zoom and work from home moments of 2020, so far.

·       Former Marine and high school wide receiver makes best catch of his career. He made a diving catch of a three-year old little boy whose mother threw him out of a burning building. The mother did not survive.

·       Today’s offering from the paper of record. Gov. Newsom Alerted To Illegal Activity By The Sound Of Children’s Laughter.

·       Another case of academic sanity. Hope it’s catching.

·       We’ve kind of been expecting this, haven’t we? Thomas Friedman is trying to help Biden figure out a way to avoid having to get on the debate stage with President Trump. Look for more articles in the media doing the same. Seeing Biden be the dope in a game of rope-a-dope just isn’t very appealing to them.