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In The News for Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Posted Jul 08 2020 7:38AM

·       Long time Trump critic Quin Hillyer, Trump’s Rushmore speech was   monumentally splendid.

Despite so much media drivel about President Trump giving a “dystopian” or “dark and divisive” or out-and-out racist speech at Mount Rushmore, his Friday speech, as written, was the single finest of Trump’s presidency. The “Rev” Al Sharpton wondered in 2013 if President Obama deserved a spot alongside the rest of the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore as did Chris Matthews. Maybe he’ll donate to my 501-C when I get it up and running to raise money for adding President Trump to Mt. Rushmore. Great video. Minnesota Lieutenant Governor, Peggy Flanagan, had a July 4th Tweet on Mt. Rushmore that I haven’t seen other Democrats condemning. Wonder why?

·       The New York Times Autonomous Zone. As Ed Driscoll points out, they are a model of dispassionate objectivity.

·       You can add Disney to my restricted list which already includes Gillette, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Nike. I’ve had more than enough of major corporations pandering to the SJW’s and the Wokerati.  The neoliberal counter-revolution. “Does anyone seriously believe the American establishment — Walmart, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, the trustees of Ivy League universities, the major sports leagues, even Brooks Brothers, for God’s sake — would sign on to a movement that genuinely threatened its material interests?”

·       Civil Rights veteran Bob Woodson says the left has abandoned all pretense of striving for social justice.

·       Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science, University of Cincinnati, and a distinguished fellow with the Haym Salomon Center. An Old White Professor speaks to the Class of 2020. A dose of reality. If you were taught that revolution is the way to change the system, you need to contact the bursar’s office and demand a refund for a meaningless education.

·       Sen Grassley is intimately familiar with the ways of the swamp and he had a warning. The Deep State is so deep its people get away with political crimes. He is impatient to see some results from the Durham investigation. We all are.

·       As I’ve commented, when you don’t have the police every crime potentially carries the death penalty. An Oklahoma man used a bow and arrow to defend himself against an intruder. The intruder took the room temperature challenge.

·       Terry Crews has figured it out. Never apologize.

·       It’s about time. Sen. Blackburn introduces bill to end birth tourism.

·       As John Hinderaker says, A New Low In Higher Education, courtesy of Marquette University.

·       It’s hardly any wonder that gun sales have gone through the roof. What we’re seeing now is urban warfare.

·       Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is, of course, an idiot, but being a black idiot who can play football apparently saved him from being fired for his inane, and despicable anti-Semitic comments. Compare this to the Oklahoma coach who took a $1 million pay cut for wearing a OAN t-shirt while on vacation.