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In The News for Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Posted Jul 07 2020 7:01AM

·       My professors tried to convince me that America is racist. I refused to buy into it. More and more minorities are speaking out. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism.”

·       I encourage you to read Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s comments from the late 60’s. They are as apropos now as they were then. We are in a fight for truth, justice and the American way and Trump is going to have to fill in for Superman along with help from those of us who refuse to kneel or concede our society to the nihilists. It’s time to fight back.

·       I’m all for the first amendment, but I don’t consider burning the flag an endorsement of it. I’d like to see it be a felony subject to fines and jail time.

·       America is rapidly pulling troops out of Afghanistan. “The American troops that have propped up the Afghan government and held the Taliban at bay for the past 19 years are on their way out. If Kabul can’t make it after nearly 20 years of American blood and treasure, they never will and were never going to.”

·       Thank You, President Trump. Independence Day happened in this weirdest of years and — just when you needed him to — the president of these United States showed up and did his thing. You know his speech was on target based on the hysterical reaction from the New York Times. Great affirmation. Here’s how the liberal media covered July the Fourth. Three words – We Hate America. CNN, true to form, was a train wreck.

·       You’ll enjoy this clip from a British expatriate on his thoughts concerning the Fourth of July.

·       The Peoples’ Republic of Portland, OR looks like it’s about ready for martial law. It’s clear that their worthless elected officials cannot protect their citizens, one of the basic duties of government. Meanwhile Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, sometimes confused with the character Beetlejuice, says she is “making progress” after 13 bodies lie dead in the street. I know my friends in Chicago are so relieved.   

·       Gov. Newsom called on Californians to unite and eschew fireworks on the Fourth. They did unite, but not like he had hoped.

·       Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms doesn’t have the courage to clear a Wendy’s parking lot. As a result, a little 8-year-old girl is dead. Meanwhile one of the finalists for all-time worst mayor of a major city, Bill de Blasio, is blaming the Wuhan Virus on the increase in the crime rate in NYC.

·       It’s good to know the media is on top of the most pressing issues of the day. They spent an entire briefing asking about the Confederate Flag.

·       AOC swapping Tweets with Ted Cruz is like showing her  up at a gunfight with a butter knife.

·       An finally, from the paper of record, The Babylon Bee, State Governor Mandates Everyone Weak Snorkels In Case They Fall Into A Pool. And this article on a hidden code in the Bible that contains a casserole recipe