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In The News for Monday, July 6, 2020
Posted Jul 06 2020 7:01AM

·       Powerline’s Week in Pictures: Independence Day Edition. It’s epic.  

·       In case you missed it, here is President Trump’s speech given at Mt. Rushmore. As Scott Johnson of Powerline says, “It is a blast of truth asserting a defense of the United States against the cultural revolution that stares us in the teeth and seeks to tear down our country. As I say, for this Trump will never be forgiven by our supposed betters.” AP’s take was what you might expect: Trump Pushes Racial Division, Flouts Virus Rules At Rushmore. When you think the media can’t sink any further, they continue to plough new ground. Here is a sampling. Funny how the media reported on Democrats’ visits to Mt. Rushmore in the past.

·       From Dan Mahoney: Rejecting The Culture Of Hate. It’s well worth reading. Here is the lead paragraph:

As we approach this Fourth of July, the United States is consumed by reckless violence, nihilistic silencing, and a systematic assault on the nation’s cultural and political patrimony. The voices of sanity are few, and civic courage is in short supply. The exemplars of such courage in the Anglo-American tradition — Washington, Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill — are under assault from angry extremists who topple statues with impunity and demand absolute conformity. Government at every level appears impotent as indignant fanatics rule the streets. We have arrived at the unthinkable: “America’s Jacobin moment,” as an editorial in the Wall Street Journal aptly put it. What has happened to our republic?

·       I’m guessing there are some very worried people. As the article says, she has every reason to be forthcoming with investigators. The New York Post had some suggestions for her safety.

·       Anyone surprised by this? I didn’t think so. Hydroxychloroquine shows reduced COVID-19 mortality. Trump owns the press once again. Won’t they ever learn? I can see CNN’s headline now. Doctors thrown out of work by success of therapy touted by President Trump. Brian Stelter on suicide watch.

·       Our ‘institutions of higher learning’ continue to beclown themselves as they rush to show how woke they are. Dartmouth and Duke may be in the lead, but they have plenty of competition.

·       An example of our woke corporate culture. Give me a break. Boeing communications boss Neil Golightly resigns over 1987 article questioning women in combat. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories I’ve heard from military pilots over the lengths the pentagon has gone to in order to qualify some women as Apache and Fighter pilots. Relaxing standards isn’t the answer in the military any more that it is in academia. Whatever happened to meritocracy?

·       Stephen Kruiser thinks it is time to bring Steve Bannon out of mothballs. Might be a good idea.

·       Economic illiterate Rachel Maddow got it wrong, but that’s hardly news. She should be used to it.

·       Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is no longer listening to Dobby Dr. Fauci. He hasn’t worn well and I’ll be perfectly happy when he fades back into the background and disappears.

·       Gee, how did this not get mentioned, Joe? Small business owner Joe trotted out to badmouth Trump took $27,000 in federal aid.  

·       The Gaffe-A-Matic continues. This is just getting sad. Funny, but sad.

·       “Make way for the Queen’s Guard!” I think maybe this guy should have heeded the first warning from the Queen’s Guard. Too bad our police aren’t allowed similar freedom of expression.

·       This could cause problems if Fonzie runs across someone wearing this. Go to the 1:15 mark.

·       Are we really worried about people this stupid? Blocking a Seattle freeway at night? Interestingly, after getting pretty much what they deserved, their first call was to 911. What happened to “defunding the police.”