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In The News for Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Posted Jul 01 2020 7:33AM

·       In case you think the Black Lives Matter movement is a benign movement to improve the plight of Blacks, you are sadly mistaken. They are a Marxist/Anarchist group and make no bones about it. Brit Hume had some comments about it on Tucker Carlson’s show last night that should be widely disseminated.

·       A great read. What one American History professor intends to tell his students in the fall.

·       For the first time in our history, it appears that Hispanic voters will potentially outnumber Black voters in the November elections as one in ten of eligible voters were born outside the U.S. This shift in demographics favors Democrats. That’s the whole idea.

·       Good news on the Law and Order front. DOJ Has Arrested Over 100 Anarchists for Rioting, Destruction. Now for successful prosecutions and incarceration in Supermax facilities. Oklahoma is showing the way.

·       Looks like two liberal attorneys support the second amendment.

·       I’ve followed this story. The outcome is encouraging. Raymond Ibrahim 2, CAIR 0. CAIR’s initial complaints only served to draw attention to Raymond’s talk at the US Army War College and increase the attendance. He is the author of Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West. Here is an interview with him on the book. It very clearly lays out a history of attacks by Islam on Christianity. If you watch it you will come to the conclusion that our tolerance has not helped us. We are in a war that has been going on for fourteen hundred years. Go to the 6:55 mark. The whole interview last just over 30 minutes and is very interesting and worth watching. As usual, the media has totally failed to cover this.

·       A very interesting interview with Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn’s attorney. She has been very successful at turning over the rocks and exposing the vermin who tried to frame Gen. Flynn. Information keeps coming out.

·       A follow-up on yesterday’s comment about using a car as a defensive weapon. Detroit Police did just that. One witness claimed that several people had to be hospitalized. Good. Here’s the video. Nice driving.

·       Another “shoddy hit job” by a thoroughly discredited media.

·       The head of a Google backed leftist “Think Tank” shows his true colors. He tweeted that he would have rushed the homeowners and “beat their brains in” if he’d been with the protesters. His tweet has since been deleted.

·       As Glenn Reynolds so aptly puts it commenting about a story in the Washington Examiner Media Fret: Kayleigh McEnany undermining journalism ‘credibility.’ “Sorry, that’s a self-inflicted wound. She’s just twisting the knife you put there yourself.”

·       Were COVID-19 (Wuhan Virus) Lockdowns Worth the Cost? New evidence suggest Americans are right to wonder. My answer is “NO.”  

·       I agree with this. Voting Isn’t Enough to Combat the Woke Left. It is necessary, though. Don’t fail if you have to crawl over broken glass and hot coals to get to the polls.

·       Related: A piece from Gen. Flynn. “If we’re not careful, 2 percent of the passionate will control 98% of the indifferent 100 percent of the time.” The ‘silent majority’ can no longer be silent.

·       How Far Gone Is Big Business? Part I. It’s a question worth addressing in light of the massive cave-in to the nonsense of endemic racism and the extortion they are rolling over to. Would you donate to a group whose stated mission is to destroy you? That’s exactly what the Marxist/Anarchist Black Lives Matter organization stands for.  

·       I wonder if Joe Biden’s campaign has a mole? He’s now proposing $4 trillion in new taxes in an effort to cause more Dems to switch to the GOP. Yessir, I’d love to see my taxes double said no one ever.

·       Now things have gotten really out of hand. Fort Rucker in flames after Black Hawk Lives Matter protest. Now helicopter pilots are playing pilot identity politics. This has to stop.

·       Security for me but not for thee. Minneapolis City Council members have private security as they vote to defund the police.

·       Have I mentioned before what a despicable little man Paul Krugman is? I think I have, but it can’t be repeated too much.