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In The News for Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Posted Jun 30 2020 7:40AM

·       In an interview in the Oval Office on Friday, President Trump had wide-ranging comments on a number of subjects. He is right, particularly in calling for a tougher response from Republicans. Powerline had some comments on the interview.

·       Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, the totally feckless individual who has allowed Antifa to carve out a domain within her city, pledged last Monday to clear it out. A week later they are still there and there has been another fatal shooting. It may be time for the Feds to take over if Seattle residents want any kind of protection. Mayor Durkan, who defended the criminals in Seattle, was outraged when they showed up at her home. They always eat their own.

·       The flak is getting heavy as the bombers circle the target. More and more evidence confirms what anyone with half a brain already knew. President Obama and Vice President Biden were up to their elbows in the phony Russiagate scandal. And yes, it is the biggest political scandal in our history as an outgoing administration tried to foment a coup against a fairly elected successor.

·       Great story. ‘Obnoxious, Trump-Voting, Heterosexual, Balding Iranian-American’ Law Prof Calls On His White Colleagues To Resign To Make Way For Black Law Profs. I think he’s safe.

·       It’s getting hard for the Media and Liberal Politicians to keep track of the narrative. Last week it was full blown racism and now we’re back to everyone’s going to die.

·       Joe is turning over every rock looking for a black, female running mate. One of his latest, who no one outside of her district has ever heard of, is Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA). She is an admirer of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. In the last few days, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has surfaced as a potential candidate. She’s got her own problems at the moment.

·       As I’ve said many times, my fondest dream is to watch John Brennan perp-walked out of his house at 6 AM by a swat team on his way to being booked. Reports are that Gen. Flynn was planning to audit him prior to being set up and framed.

·       “This is not Seattle. We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.” The Okies are charging them with terrorism. This needs to be done everywhere. One  young man is charged with both burning a police van and a bail bond business. He could be facing life in prison. It won’t take many convictions like that to severely hurt Antifa’s recruiting efforts among young, unemployed basement dwellers and professional demonstrators.

·       An old name from the past resurfaces in the BLM movement. You might remember the Weather Underground. Probably more like her if you dig a little deeper.

·       Sounds like this woman’s husband has finally OD’ed on virtue signaling and wokeness. I’m guessing that they are way past marriage counseling and heading for divorce court.

·       I am seeing more and more evidence that leads me to believe that Trump will pick up more Black voters. A movement that seems to be growing.  

·       Kendall Qualls is a Black Republican running against a Black incumbent in Minnesota for their Third Congressional District. He had a reply to his opponent’s “virtue signaling” statement that is worth reading. We’ll see in November is Minnesota has finally had enough.

·       Starting to see some pushback develop. It needs to snowball.

·       I’ve said this all along. Recent Coronavirus Data Suggests the Lockdowns Were a Colossal Mistake.

·       As we approach the July 4th holiday, typically a period of unabashed patriotism and good times, the DNC actually put out this Tweet last night. It’s despicable! They have since deleted the Tweet.  

·       A Fox News team was harassed by the usual nitwits while filming in Seattle’s CHOP zone, which the feckless mayor has still not been able to clear. They handled it in a much nicer way than I would have. I’d suggest the next time they attempt to cover this mess they have an adequate security team and one willing to drive over a few people if their vehicle is threatened. I see no reason why claiming self-defense isn’t a valid defense should anyone be injured by a moving vehicle surrounded by fanatics.