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In The News Weekend Edition - June 27, 2020
Posted Jun 27 2020 3:02PM

·       The Week in Pictures: Fake Noose Edition. The one thing the left really hates is being laughed at, so let’s keep up the mockery and ridicule.!

·       According to Ted Cruz, Attorney General Bill Barr is the Honey Badger. I believe you’ll feel better about things after reading this interview with Bill Barr. He discussed riots and monuments, big tech censorship, the politicization of the DOJ and his reasons for accepting the job for the second time.

“Because I didn’t want to. And I resisted it for a long time and I suggested other people. But at the end of the day, I saw the department being used as a political weapon in our system. I thought it was injurious to the rule of law and injurious to our important institutions in our country. I thought this idea of resisting a duly elected president of the United States and using every device to impair his administration was disastrous. And I thought he needed an attorney general and I agreed to do it.”

·       On the increase in Wuhan Virus cases. “We have clearly seen increases in cases in the Southern states,” CDC Director Robert Redfield said, “However, fewer of these infections are requiring hospitalization or resulting in death,” he said.

·       In case you have any doubts about what we’re dealing with where China is concerned, read this. Do not trust China is the clear message. They imbedded malicious software in a program they required a multinational tech company doing business there to install to pay taxes. The U.S. will no longer be passive toward China, White House Advisor says. Let’s hope this is true.

·       To Mask or Not To Mask by I.M. Doctoo. Long, but interesting, particularly if you’re feeling shamed into wearing one.

·       More evidence of anti-conservative bias and censorship by Facebook. One thing interesting about this issue is that no one doubts it, yet it isn’t being addressed as it should be. Conservatives know it’s happening and are irate, while Liberals also know it’s happening and are glad of it. The media tries to play it down, but their credibility with most people is somewhere below whale feces.

·       I’ve been watching this with interest. I have an account but haven’t begun to use it, yet. This week alone has seen about half a million people migrate to Parler from Twitter. Currently there are 1.5 million users.

·       If you'd like to see where we're headed unless we take our heads out of our asses and push back against the PC/Woke attempt to change our society, I recommend you take a look at these three video clips of what's happened in London. We are already well into the process, unfortunately. As the guy in the second clip says, no one elected politicians to do what they have done to English society. We've sat idly by and let this happen due to the Democrats willingness to destroy the fabric of American society by importing voters who they believe will give them an unassailable majority at the polls. If we continue to sit on our hands, this is where we are headed. 


This is a step in the right direction.

·       Seattle mayor gives CHAZ/CHOP until Sunday to remove barriers. I’m sure that struck fear in their hearts since they’ve already shown her to be a feckless, spineless idiot.

·       This falls under the “It would take a heart of stone not to laugh” category. Don’t these people know they are attacking their major funding? Black Lives Matter group storms Beverly Hills residential area: ‘Eat The Rich!’ ‘Abolish Capitalism Now!’ Rob Reiner and Barbra Streisand could not be reached for comment. And this. CHAZ ‘warlord’ Raz Simone got a taste of his own medicine when Blaze TV’s Steven Crowder rented his Airbnb and left a few souvenirs on the walls. Not sure that was the smartest thing to do, but you have to laugh at the Karma.  

·       Four minutes and twenty seconds of the best common sense I’ve heard on the Second Amendment.

·       Voter Fraud: The Democrat’s Ace In The Hole. Hopefully, the Courts will continue to rule against them as in this Florida decision. In New Jersey, 20% of mail-in-ballots ruled fraudulent. It sure is interesting how these “errors” only ever seem to help Democrats. You starting to get the picture?

·       Now they are trying to make the District of Columbia a state. The House has voted to do so, but it should be DOA on arrival in the Senate. It is of course unconstitutional, but when did that ever stop them? Are you beginning to get an idea of what things will look like if the Democrats prevail in November?

·       I’ve commented before about the Marxist BLM movement and its stated goals. Here is a recently released clip.

·       Hope he got his auto insurance in force before he drove out of the dealership. Lamborghini Huracan lasts twenty minutes after leaving dealership. That’s some fun that cost $15,000/minute.

·       TDS sufferer Tina Fey decides not to wait and cancels herself before the pack can attack.     

·       Chronicles of the Crazy Time (continued): Read the headlines. Then go have a stiff Scotch.

·       I’ve mentioned South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem as one of the few whose stature has actually risen during this Wuhan Virus catastrophe. She’ll be the guest on a Webinar sponsored by the Center of the America Experiment on Wednesday, July 8 at Noon Central Time.

·       In case you think that the New York Times leftist slant and dissembling of the news is a recent phenomenon, you need to read this. Walter Duranty was a Stalin apologist and won a Pulitzer Prize for his lies about the regime published in the Times. The Pulitzer Prize was recently awarded for another pack of lies published by the NYT, the 1619 Project, which is finding its way into our school systems. It needs to be fought tooth and nail.

·       I keep thinking that somewhere out there is a college administration with a backbone and, well you know. Obviously, it’s not Princeton. Wonder if Yale is next?

·       Taser smazer. I want one of these things. 100 meters sounds like a good stand-off distance.

·       I’ve probably shared this at some point, but it’s fairly timely. Chris Rock had some advice several years ago on how not to get your ass kicked by the police. NSFW

·       Who would have thought it? UPI has the breaking news that repeated head impacts, brain injury increase risk for depression. Shocking!