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In The News for Thursday, June 25, 2020
Posted Jun 24 2020 9:00PM

·       Stuart Evans was the deputy assistant attorney general for the Office of Intelligence. We may be hearing more about him. He was apparently the lone person trying to hold the FBI’s feet to the fire on the scurrilous FISA applications. Very interesting article. Strzok apparently knew Evans had his number.

·       D.C. Circuit Court castigates Judge Sullivan and orders Flynn case dismissed. I’m not an attorney, but it is my understanding that it is pretty rare to have a Writ of Mandamus granted and a real slap in the face to the lower court. A three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court has approved Gen. Flynn’s petition for a Writ of Mandamus in a 2-1 opinion and ordered Judge Sullivan to drop the case against him. I read the decision and they castigated Judge Sullivan and his appointment of an Amicus Curae to argue on his behalf. Finally, justice is done. Let the civil lawsuits begin. I hope Gen. Flynn is able to financially kneecap those who lied, cheated and stole on the Mueller Team and in the FBI and Justice Department. Judge Sullivan can petition for a hearing by the full court, but he would only compound his rebuke. As Scott Johnson so aptly put it: “The Flynn case constitutes a sidebar to the biggest political scandal in American history by far. One can only hope that this is, as it should be, the end of the road for this utterly disgraceful case.”

·       Last in veracity, last in the hearts of their countrymen. Gallup study: Media rank dead last in public trust.

·       This doesn’t fit the narrative so don’t expect to see it on the evening news. Per-Capita Wuhan Virus fatalities were 75% lower in open states.

·       I keep seeing glimmers of hope that there remain some sane voices in academia. Peter B. Ritzma, Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago, has written an article titled Defund the Thought Police.

·       I think most of us hope that this is enforced without exception. Trump lays down the law: BLM Vandals ad Statue-Topplers Face ‘Up to 10 Years in Prison.’ DOJ has been on an indictment spree against violent anarchists. I hope it’s just the beginning. Meanwhile, here’s how the left wing and totally useless mayor of Seattle is handling things. Wow, that will sure get their attention. What a draconian punishment. Please, anything but group therapy! How cruel and unjust.

·       An interesting article about Black voters’ frustrations with the Democratic party. I’ve been predicting an unprecedented shift in the upcoming elections. It’s worth remembering that a recent poll indicated that 40% of likely Black voters views President Trump favorable and  that 25% were in the strongly favorable category. This will be a real sea change if it happens.

·       A little reminder of what former Secretary of Defense Gates had to say about Joe Biden. “He has not been right about any foreign policy issue in 40 years.” And, I would add, not much else, either.

·       What is your Woke Breaking Point? I reached mine quite some time ago. I think maybe Gillette and Nike pushed me over the edge.

·       I listened to this in disbelief as Governor Cuomo actually said that tearing down monuments is a healthy form of expression. It’s hard not to think that New Yorkers have the government they deserve when they vote idiots like this into office. As bad as he is, he makes de Blasio look like Einstein.  

·       ROTFLMAO! Trump wants to challenge Joe Biden to take a Cognitive Exam, and it’s an epic idea. Hank Johnson, Maxine Waters, Ted Lieu, Mazie Hirono and Eric Swalwell are watching this development nervously. Meanwhile, there is a new Trump PAC Ad: ‘In a World Losing Its Mind, We Don’t Need a President Who’s Already Lost His.”  Pretty straight and to the point.

·       There is hope for our youth. Watch her clip on Twitter.

·       I’ve not been a fan of Dr. Fauci and have had less reason to be so as time has progressed. Here, Dr. David Samadi has some comments on the subject.

·       A brief  history of the Woke Taliban’s noose hoaxes. As for Bubba Wallace, noted race hustler, the “Rev” Al Sharpton, isn’t ready to give up, just yet.