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In The News for Friday, June 19, 2020
Posted Jun 19 2020 7:35AM

·       There is a hue and cry from some that it’s time to send in the troops and bust some heads in Seattle. I’ve thought that the President is probably handling the situation in the right manner by letting them wallow in their own filth. Kurt Schlichter has written an article that I think gets it right and is excellent reading. This Leftist Tantrum Is an Information Operation and Trump Is Winning It.

·       I see a nice lawsuit coming over this and I’ll bet the plaintiff’s bar is ringing her phone off the hook. If it is as it appears, I hope the defendant gets it good and hard. Atlanta is in real trouble if they don’t get it together. Andrew McCarthy has some comments on the situation.

·       Let’s see how they like this. NYPD Withdraws From Offices of Prosecutors Going Soft on Protesters, Hard on Police. Seems like a fitting response.

·       Herschel Walker had a suggestion for those who want to defund the police. He wants them to be happy.

·       Today’s installment of The Best of Kayleigh. “She’s the Muhammad Ali of press secretaries – it’s a pleasure to watch her work.” Kayleigh responds to Jim Acosta’s rally concerns with spot-on NY Post cover.  

·       Another one bites the dust. The ‘ninja bomb’ takes out two Al Qaeda leaders. This thing apparently has a kill radius of 30 inches, making it ideal when it is important to limit collateral damage.

·       First F-35 pilots graduate from Top Gun. Top of the food chain.

·       So, how are things going in the new country of CHAZ/CHOP? One resident made an ‘unplanned donation.’ As the author says, it would take a heart of stone not to fall down laughing.

·       Mainstream media: we don’t see any pattern here.

·       Is it possible that academic sanity is breaking out? Well, maybe in Romania, Hungary and Poland.

·       As Glenn Reynolds so correctly advises, “Fire them as an example to others.” Publishing staff threatens to strike if company keeps J.K. Rowling’s book.