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In The News for Thursday, June 18, 2020
Posted Jun 18 2020 7:29AM

·       From Rasmussen: “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Coming today: Our U.S. voters trust-in-media results. It’s a bloodbath fort them.

·       More problems in Portland. “If only there was a group of well-trained individuals who were responsible for directly responding to such crimes.”

·       The Boy Scouts have been on a downward slope in recent years as they have caved to the woke crowd. Now, to become an Eagle Scout, it will be required that you get a new “diversity and inclusion merit badge.”

·       One of the most woke, virtue signaling neighborhoods in the country has decided that “demonstrations” are fine in your town, but not theirs. Beverly Hills has banned protests in residential areas. Sounds like Rob Reiner and his fellow late stage TDS sufferers don’t really want to participate in what they give money to. Fine for thee but not for me. Here’s another classic example. How dare these ‘domestic terrorists’ ignore my wokeness?

·       The prospects for left-wing tyranny if they ever gain power are very real. What we’ve seen recently is a harbinger of what we might expect.

·        Tom Cotton: Twitter tried to censor me and lost. There is a movement developing not only to regulate the censoring by social media but to move to another platform, Parler.

·       The Iowa legislature has so far refused to restore the voting rights to convicted felons. The governor is planning an end run by using an executive order. Hopefully, the legislature act to nullify it.

·       Tucker Carlson is the most-watched host in cable news. His first 30 minutes monologue is the best commentary out there right now.

·       I know it’s crazy out there, but surely it’s not this crazy.

·       Kind of like finding a still on your property but worse. A Greek resident of the island of Lesbos has found a makeshift mosque on his property built by illegal immigrants.

·       Maybe Nancy and Chuck should have done a little research before their virtue signaling photo op. Turns out the Kente cloths they draped themselves with in a blatant cultural appropriation stunt were worn by an empire involved in the West African slave trade. I still think Lifeline is missing its bet on a new ad based on Nancy’s inability to stand back up after kneeling. “Help, I’ve just made an ass of myself and I can’t get up.”

·       Got another one. Suspect wanted for burning 3rd Minneapolis police precinct arrested in Colorado for arson. Hopefully, young Mr. Robinson will have several years to contemplate the error of his ways.

·       Thirteen minutes well spent. Bill Whittle: Are You On Team Red or Team Blue? You should watch this. You won’t be disappointed.

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