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In The News for Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Posted Jun 17 2020 7:27AM

·       Trump is holding a rally in Tulsa, OK this weekend. The venue holds 19,000 people and over 1 million have requested tickets. We are setting up for an election in just over three months that could be an historic sweep for an incumbent President if the level of enthusiasm being shown so far continues to build. The media’s overwrought reaction seems to confirm that restarting the rallies is the right thing to do. Great analogy. The mainstream media are Trump’s little Sea Monkeys. Add water and they start to jump around.

·       Seattle calls on Dr. Frazier Crane for help with CHAZ/CHOP.  

·       Something tells me this isn’t how Bear Bryant would have reacted. What a sad thing to see a college head coach who is such a eunuch. Don’t. Ever. Apologize. to the woke P.C. crowd of virtue signalers.  

·       Throwing rocks at cars in Chicago might not be the best idea. NSFW. Harsh language.

·       Surely we’re at least approaching ‘peak stupid.’ Liberal now want to “cancel” Domino’s Pizza over an 8-year-old generic tweet to a college student. It’s because the college student happened to be Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s superb press secretary.

·       It’s encouraging that we’re beginning to see some people stand up and call nonsense on some of the statements being issues. We need more who have the guts to face down the cancel culture.

·        How crazy is it? This crazy.

·       I’ve commented about leftist autophagy before. Here is a good example. When peaceful rioting turns into domestic terrorism. The mayor was all onboard until they decided to deface her house.

·       Only in such a totally dysfunctional dystopia would it make sense to raise taxes in a recession. But, hey, it’s California. When the citizens of that state have finally had enough, then I’ll know the pendulum is finally swinging in the right direction. How much can they take?

·       This is an incredible story about some Ebay executives who should be punished to the full extent of the law and fired as well as having their stock incentives cancelled.

·        Tim Keane (D-VA) might need to go back and read some of history he obviously slept through in class. The U.S. did not “create slavery.” “Who does he think built the Pyramids? Aliens?”