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In The News for Monday, June 15, 2020
Posted Jun 15 2020 6:49AM

·       I listened to the live feed of the Flynn mandamus argument in D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday morning. The whole thing was interesting, but Sidney Powell’s summary at the 1:35:50 mark was outstanding. It was interesting listening to the questions by the three judges. One was clearly hostile granting the writ of mandamus and kept trying to bring race into the questioning.  He is Judge Wilkins, a liberal Obama appointee who was appointed when Obama packed the D.C. Circuit Court. Based on the questioning, the folks at Powerline think that the panel will wait to see how Judge Sullivan rules.

·       Tucker Carlson has a very good piece on the new country of CHAZ. It’s well worth watching. My guess is that CHAZ may not be around too much longer.

·       I feel sorry for those residents of Minnesota who suffering from a total lack of leadership, but they got what they voted for and need to show their disgust at the polls and possibly by recall petitions.

·       More news from Crazytowns.

1.     San Fransisco mayor says police will stop responding to non-criminal calls. Mayors of blue cities across the nation are failing their citizens. If they are not turned out of office by the voters, I have no sympathy for them.

2.     And in de Blasio’s dystopian New York, District Attorney won’t charge rioters who vandalized St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

3.     And this: Berklee College of Music ‘deeply sorry’ for letting police use restrooms.

4.     Meanwhile in the sovereign country of CHAZ…There is a reckoning coming and I don’t think it will end well for the rebellion.

5.     Teacher spying on 11 year old student during virtual chat sends police to search home after spotting BB gun.

6.     Country music group Lady Antebellum announces politically correct name change.

7.     Mayor de Blasio’s wife says a city without police would be “nirvana.”

8.     From Baltimore: Ex-mayor convicted of embezzlement could replace mayor booted out for fraud.  

9.     And this walking, talking joke is apparently still sitting by the phone. In the words of Randy Travis, “If your phone still ain’t ringing I assume it still ain’t you.” The reality is that she was never really even considered.

·       I can assure you that at no time will the television in my home be tuned to a NFL game.

·       Agreed. It’s time for Trump to really  start going after BidenMake Joe go live, Mr. President, and let everybody see that Crazy Joe shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of anything.

·       As so often it turns out in cases of racist graffiti, the culprit turns out to be black.

·       More in the annals of leftist autophaby as the Revolution Is Eating Its Own.

·       Glenn Loury of Brown University and John McWhorter of Columbia conduct a weekly video chat on BloggingheadsTV. As Steven Hayward said, this week “they laid down some serious smack on the dominant leftist narrative of the George Floyd and its aftermath. It is a very good dialogue and give hope that there is still sanity in academia.

·       In interesting poll from Zogby that mirrors what I’ve been expecting. It gives Trump a 51% to 43% edge over Slow Joe. I think a major surprise to some is going to be his pickup in Black and Hispanic voters.

·       In the absence of police protection, what do youexpect? Armed neighborhood groups forming in absence of police protections.

·       I don’t know if this woman is a naturalized citizen or not, but, if not, she should be immediately deported. Maybe she could take up the cause of income inequality in India.

·        This could be a precursor of what pro-immigration candidates might face in November.