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In The News for Friday, June 12, 2020
Posted Jun 12 2020 7:17AM

·       This morning at 9:30 the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments on the Flynn case and it appears they will be live-streamed. Arguing on behalf of Judge Sullivan will be liberal retired judge John Gleeson, “a former judge with a penchant for exercising power that judges do not possess.”

·       I’d feel sorry for the inhabitants of Minnesota but for the fact that they elected these weak nitwits to positions of power. If there was ever an electorate that should be poised to swing the pendulum hard in the other direction, it is the sane citizens of this state if there are any. Seattle is another case in point as anarchists and Marxists have been allowed to take over a six block area of the city without any pushback from a totally ineffectual mayor and governor, who have failed to take any action. Trump’s message to these leftist nitwits is to take back their city or he will. The area is being patrolled by armed insurrectionists and local businesses are being extorted for protection money. I’m beginning to think that armed conflict is inevitable in some places. These people need to be dealt with decisively and violently if necessary. Someone else agrees with me. Antifa Deserves a Military Response. We’re seeing the results of not nipping this insurrection in the bud at the very beginning. Weak leaders need to be shown the door. For some reason the mainstream media doesn’t find this story that interesting, but then they haven’t exactly had their finger on the pulse of the country for some time.

·       Fake news and Fake Politics About Policing. Testimony from the House Judiciary hearings that the media didn’t seem fit to cover.   

What about unarmed victims of fatal police shootings? As of June 1, the Washington Post’s data base of fatal police shootings showed nine unarmed black victims and 19 unarmed white victims of fatal police shootings in 2019. That number of black unarmed victims is down 76 percent from 2015, when the Post began keeping its data base. The Post defines “unarmed” loosely to include suspects who have grabbed an officer’s gun or who are fleeing from a car stop with a loaded semi-automatic pistol in their vehicle. Those nine allegedly unarmed black victims represent 0.1 percent of all black homicide victims, which number about 7,500 a year—more than all white and Hispanic homicide victims combined.

·       The governor of North Carolina has cost his state a lot of money. The Republican Convention is apparently planning to relocate to Jacksonville, FL.

·       The always execrable Paul Krugman has finally gone full Nazi. He has joined the chorus of hyenas calling for the ouster of respected Univ. of Chicago economist Harald Uhlig from the Journal of Political Economy. His sin was disagreeing with the actions of Colin Kaepernick and drawing parallels between Black Live Matter and the Ku Klux Klan. Unfortunately, Uhlig did what should never be done when being attacked by the cancel culture, he apologized.

·       Get ready to Rumble. Trump sets first rally in months for Tulsa on June 19th. Can you even imagine how berserk the media is going to get? I’m going to need more popcorn. Rallies are planned for Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona and North Carolina. Let the gnashing of teeth and meltdowns begin.

·       A poll shows that 8 in 10 citizens want police funding increased or maintained. That’s not surprising to me, but it sure isn’t the fake narrative the media is pushing.

·       This calls for Maverick. Russian bombers fly within 8 miles of US airspace off Alaska and are intercepted by F-22’s.   

·       Obviously, the American Cancer Society has been infiltrated by quacks. They are now saying that its best to cut alcohol out of your diet completely. John Barrymore was once told by his doctor that he had sugar in his blood and needed to give up alcohol. He replied, “I don’t care if it has bon bons in it, I’m not giving up alcohol.”

·       If true, it’s time to dust off RICO. Refuse Fascism organizer claims they received money from Soros and met with Tom Steyer.

·       I don’t think this was intended as humor, but you be the judge. What would we do without the ridiculous virtue signaling of the Hollywood good government league?

·       Wonder if the Georgia primary is a harbinger of enthusiasm to come? Trump gets 140,000 more votes than Biden. This has played out in other primaries, too, like Iowa and New Hampshire. I think it presages what will be overwhelming in November.

·       From just Crazy to Mega-Crazy in just two weeks

·       An old friend sent me this and it’s worth watching. Warning, it has some NDFW or children language. This is a black man who gets it and has had enough.