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In The News for Thursday, June 11, 2020
Posted Jun 11 2020 7:47AM

·       I’ve had enough of this craziness and I believe the vast majority of Americans feel the same way. I’ve always though of myself as a fairly mainstream moderate with a slight rightward tilt. No longer. Being fiscally conservative and socially moderate hasn’t worked too well. I, along with I suspect a majority of Americans, are ready to see these rioters and anarchists brought to their knees, forcibly, not as a gesture of fake virtue signaling. It’s time for coordinated police, and if necessary National Guard, action to clean up the streets and let these criminals and misguided delinquents know that their behavior will not be tolerated by law abiding citizens. We have SWAT teams for a reason and we pay for police protection. Either these feckless mayors and governors need to step up or they should be run out of town on a rail, as I suspect many of them will be when next they run for reelection. Some of these occupations are going to end violently, I suspect. I have no sympathy for them as they’ve brought it all on themselves and deserve to take the consequences good and hard. The harder the better at this point. This stupidity has been tolerated long enough.

·       What might it look like with no police? Chicago might be a good example of what to expect. During the “peaceful” protests, 25 people were killed and 85 wounded by gunfire  on May 31, the most in their history, eclipsing even the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Mayor Lori Lightweight Lightfoot has been at odds with some of her aldermen and alderwomen who for some reason expected her to be prepared. “Even far leftists are upset when there isn’t enough of a police presence to protect them, their neighborhoods, and their constituents.” They need to make up their minds. It’s hard to have it both ways.

·       At least one Oregon mayor has refused to buy into the mob’s insanity. Hopefully, there are a lot more.

·       Here is how a true liberal nitwit, Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender answered the question of who you gonna call if you need help. Have these morons all taken insanity pills? Look for more and more households to post one of my favorite signs, “We Don’t Call 911” with a picture of a Smith & Wesson below it. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. That’s the ultimate conclusion of this nonsense which shouldn’t even be a dialogue. Finally an idea that’s too looney even for Bernie Sanders. And finally, just how crazy are these people? This crazy. Yes, this crazy. And if that wasn’t enough, this crazy.

·       Defund the police for thee but not for me. Typical woke hypocrisy from LA City Council President Nury Martinez. She should be billed for the cost.

·       An emergency room physician, Dr. Tyrone Wilson, weighs in on his experience with Black Lives Matter. As Matt Walsh writes, If Black Lives Matter, Defund Planned Parenthood, Not The Police.

·       Atty. Gen. Barr speaks. In his interview with Bret Baier he observed that what he has seen in the investigation so far is unprecedented in American history. Watch the 9 minute clip. Expect charges to come. He also had some comments on the censoring of certain views on social media.

·       California Teacher Blows The Whistle. You need to read this to give yourself an idea of just how out of control things have gotten.

·       Police Union Chief speaks out. Well put. You might also read this is you want to know what kind of dystopia awaits if we don’t shut down this insanity. Homicides up 250% according to LAPD during the past week’s ‘Defund the Police’ protests. What a surprise. I’m shocked.

·       ROTFLMAO! This may be the fastest communists have ever gone from zero to starving.

·       A feel good story from Buffalo, NY on a young man who decided to clean up after the riots.

·       A good reason why most people don’t hold the media in high regard. Far too many of them are just idiots and not that smart to begin with. The View’s Sunny Hostin thinks Colin Kaepernick deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. She actually said that on national TV and wasn’t immediately laughed off the air.

·       Tom Cotton makes well deserved fun of the New York Times. During a Fox News interview, Cotton said “my op-ed doesn’t meet the New York Times standards. It far exceeds their standards which are normally full of left-wing sophomoric drivel.”

·       You might find some background on Judge Gleeson, the judge picked by Judge Sullivan to argue his brief, very interesting. He is the kind of judge the Trump needs to rid the courts of.

·       Well, it’s hard to work in a good virtue signaling commentary about the NASDAQ closing over 10,000 for the first time. The network news media decided to just ignore it.