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In The News for Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Posted Jun 10 2020 8:12AM

·       One black resident of Washington, D.C. has had enough of the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement. She addressed the crowd and expressed the sentiments that a lot of other black citizens have also shared.

·       No. The New York Times making stuff up? I can’t imagine. Georg W. Bush says the NYT’s article about him not voting for Trump is “completely made up.” Meanwhile, Jeb Bush’s son, George P. Bush says he’ll vote for Trump in November.

·       This doesn’t fit the narrative, does it? Civil Rights leader Shelby Steele, “Blacks Have Never Been Less Oppressed.” I’ve seen more and more black leaders, even some of the most liberal, expressing this opinion. 72% of voters, including most black voters, have a favorable view of police. The media is absolute crap. No wonder they poll below whale feces.

·       It’s a shame to see Gen. Mattis throw away a reputation gained during an illustrious career in the military by failing to hold his piece when he should. Colin Powell had already ruined his, and now Mattis seems to be following suit. There is a reason the military is subservient to civilian control.

·       The current dialogue being promulgated by the Black Lives Matter hypocrites and the press doesn’t have any room for dissent. Any black who doesn’t toe the line is immediately set upon. Witness Terry Crews.

·       Oral arguments on Friday in Gen. Flynn case.

·       News from Crazytown. Antifa Seizes Seattle PD, Sets Up 'Autonomous Zone' Just Like ISIS and the Paris Commune. That’s what SWAT teams are for.

·       An obituary for gun control. Even liberals have been buying lately as gun sales have gone through the roof.

·       The Best of Kayleigh – today’s edition. Kayleigh kneecaps AOC.

·       Being a liberal is no defense when they come for you. Liberal reporter says, ‘The Media Industry Is Completely F**ked.’

·       Woke mayor of West Hollywood has advice for white people participating in demonstrations. He calls them “guidelines for guys and gals of the pale persuasion.” This recent unrest has revealed so many politicians for the absolute dunces they are.

·       The Daily Caller asks every Democrat if they support defunding the police. The sound you hear is crickets.

·       From my favorite news site, The Babylon Bee. CNN: Death Star Destroys Alderaan in Mostly Peaceful Demonstration. And this: Celebrities Show Solidarity With Protesters By Burning Their Own Homes To The Ground.

·       An easy question. The answer is a resounding YES. Has Hollywood Completely Lost Its Mind?  

·       The New York Times officially becomes college newspaper.  The New York Times had a long run as the “paper of record.” Those days are officially done and over with. The pretense of the wall between news and opinion is finished. Welcome to the New Woke Times, where speech is violence unless it is pre-approved speech.

·       Get ready for the media to walk into a buzzsaw. Trump to resume trademark campaign rallies.

·       Jabba the Nadler needs to work on his mask skills. LOL.