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In The News for Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Posted Jun 09 2020 7:47AM

·       Oh, please, please. As Many As 16-17 Obamagate Criminal Referrals Headed to DOJ.

·       How shocking! CBS deceptively edits interview with AG Barr. Dan Rather couldn’t be reached for comment.

·       Judge Sullivan will be giving his oral argument this week as to why he is defying the DOJ by not dismissing the Flynn case.  

·       Last time I checked the Germans didn’t control U.S. troop deployments. German officials are calling reports of Trump’s decision to pull 9500 troops out of Germany ‘unacceptable.’

·       Corporate groveling is reaching the point where they are trying to outdo each other being woke. My restricted list is growing.

·       Last week’s Employment Report triggered liberals who are trying to come up with conspiracy theories to explain the good news. A resurgent economy right in front of an election just doesn’t fit the data they were hoping for. The always execrable Paul Krugman speculated that Trump had “gotten to” the Bureau of Labor Statistics and gotten them to cook the books. He later apologized after a former BLS Commissioner pointed out how absurd his “theory” was.

·       Five charts that track the U.S. economy reopening progress. Traveled last weekend and saw lots of trucks on the road. The hotel I stayed in about 2/3 full, which was full capacity for them with he support staff they had.

·       I don’t want to see them get one damn dime from the Federal coffers. Minneapolis wants the Federal Government to foot the bill for the riots they allowed.  

·       Funny, but my Black, Indian and Asian friends aren’t clamoring to be raped and robbed either. What drivel. CNN Guest: Not wanting to be raped and robbed is White Privilege.

·       This shouldn’t be too surprising. Study shows riots make America conservative. I strongly believe that people will crawl over broken glass and hot coals to get to the polls in November. And I don’t believe most of them are being polled, either.

·       I commented on this last week. Look for more announcements like this from companies in cities where the politicians surrendered the streets to the mob.  

·        The Democrats virtue signaling is like something Tom Wolfe would have written about satirically and sarcastically. This is your choice in November.

·       Just how crazy have things gotten. This crazy. Yes, that Elmer Fudd has been a bad influence on children for decades. Wascally Gun-Grabbers Coming for Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam.  

·       The only Democrat not kneeling is Jabba the Nadler, who probably realized he’d never get up if he did. Nancy should have paid attention. She couldn’t get up and had to get help. Go to the 30 sec. mark. I think I see a LifeAlert ad coming. “Help, I’m virtue signaling and I can’t get up.” Watch this ridiculous virtue signaling publicity stunt and remember you have a choice in November.