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In The News for Thursday, June 4, 2020
Posted Jun 04 2020 8:18AM

·       Rod Rosenstein testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. I watched a good bit of it on C-Span. Damning! As an aside, let me reiterate that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of RI is an absolute dolt. I continue to think he is actually doing a John Laroquette impression. Moving on, Ted Cruz put this scandal in perspective as the single worst political scandal in our history. He eviscerated the Obama administration which is gradually being exposed for the group of seditious operators they were. As he said, either Rosenstein was complicit, or he was grossly negligent. I suspect the former with a dose of negligent. As expected, Kayleigh had a few words for the lamestream media.

·       Judge Sullivan and the DOJ are due for oral arguments next week on Sullivan’s refusal to dismiss the Flynn case. Sullivan wants more time and the DOJ says no. Let’s get this show on the road.

·       In other news, a U.S. Appeals Court is hearing arguments on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Is it just me or does the tide seem to be turning in the right direction?

·       Minnesota has been ground zero for the recent civil unrest. That’s a euphemism for Rioting and looting. A solidly blue state with a totally feckless state Governor and Mayor of Minneapolis, they have set the example of how to abandon their citizens to the ravages of the mob and their cue has been followed by other liberal politicians to the detriment of those who elected them. I can’t imagine that it isn’t going to cost a lot of them their careers, as it should. Mayor de Blasio of NYC has seemed determined to make even Minneapolis Mayor Frey look competent. Has there ever been a more incompetent mayor of one of the world’s major cities? They elected this total, pluperfect idiot and they got what they deserved, unfortunately. Now they’re showing up at his residence with lanterns and pitchforks. Hopefully with a good supply of tar and feathers. You’d think they might have learned a lesson, but if California is any example, I’m skeptical.

·       Some comments on President Trump’s response.

·       The Mainstream Media has worked hard during this crisis to really earn ‘Enemy of the People” status. Every time I think that the faux journalists of the MSM have hit rock bottom in the Trump era, one of them finds another shovel and says, “Let’s keep digging.”..There is an ever-growing victim count for these riots that is being completely ignored in the MSM…and the MSM hacks are practically spraining their necks looking the other way.

·       You’d have to come from the shallow end of the gene pool to think this was a good idea. Looters break into gun store. It doesn’t go well for them. One took the room temperature challenge and the other was wounded. This year’s Darwin Awards will have plenty of competition. Like this guy who has obviously been skipping his dentist appointments.

·       Surely, some competent investigator will figure out where they were purchased and who delivered them. It takes a special truck to do so. ‘Random piles of bricks’ magically appearing at protests while agitators hand out cash to rioters.

·       Saw a clip of this on Twitter. It’s what is called leftist autophagy – eating their own.

·       The White House ‘lights out’ photo that David Axelrod tweeted and some Dems have been using (Hillary included) to slam Trump was taken in 2015 when, you guessed it, Obama was president.

·       Wow! Just how crazy can the Democrats get? This crazy. Let’ abolish the police. This woman, Aisha Gomez, is a member of the Minnesota legislature. Is there something in the water up there?

·       Nice analogy from Tom Cotton. Using Huawei’s 5G technology is like letting the Soviets build the West’s submarines.

·       Everything you need to know about blue state fiscal problems. Wow! What a surprise! New York ranks dead last.

·       Mickey Gilley had a great hit called Don’t The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time. This could cast a whole new light on it.

·       Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more news items like this. Check out the mug shots on these two Einstein’s.  

·       I’m willing to bet 99% of you had no idea these groups existed. They should be called on the carpet and grilled on their seditious activities and then prosecuted if any crimes are uncovered.

·       Law and Order writer fired for defending law and order. My wife is a fan of this show. I hope this changes her mind.

·       And…a moment of unity in New York City. Citizens agree: ‘DeBlasio resign.’ Of course that won’t happen. He’ll have to be drug out by his heels kicking and screaming.

·       Like the guy who Tweeted this, I just can’t stop watching it. Nice aim. Right above the mask. Nonchalantly done with calm aplomb. Just for grins, here’s another. Nice move! Love the background music.

·       Looks like some folks in Huntington Beach, CA just ran out of patience. Surfers versus Antifa. Apparently no contest.