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In The News for Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Posted Jun 03 2020 7:55AM

·       Some thoughts on President Trump’s photo op in front of St. Johns Episcopal Church holding a Bible. Needless to say, the left was triggered. Both the pastor of St. John’s and the local Episcopalian bishop immediately expressed their disapproval. A lot of my Episcopalian friends have expressed to me that they feel very much like a lot of Democrats who feel like their party has left them behind as it has gravitated to the left. Think about it for a minute. You are the pastor of a church that terrorists tried to set on fire and you are offended that the President of the United States visited your church and stood in front of it holding a Bible. What a pathetic excuse for a clergyman and a supposed shepherd for his flock of parishioners. From The Babylon Bee: Episcopalians Confused By Strange Book Trump Brought To Church.

·       Some churchgoers have figured out how to circumvent prohibitions on congregating.

·       The President’s mention of the Second Amendment triggered the anti-gun crowd, but it has made a difference between life and death on a number of occasions during this unrest. Now that the cretin of Antifa are threatening to come to the suburbs, they might want to consider a few things. An Omaha bar owner probably owes his life to the fact that he was armed. As for this guy, my grief knows no bounds. I’ll pause while I wipe a big ole crocodile tear. In South Philly, a gun store owner shot and killed a looter and wounded another.  Has it occurred to any of these dim bulbs that Americans are one of the most heavily armed populaces in the world and not likely to just roll over and submit to anarchy while they try to steal or destroy what we have worked for?  

·       How inconvenient. This document is very likely to show up in a courtroom in the near futures. It shows how ludicrous were the underpinnings on which the FBI opened its investigation.

·       Victor Davis Hanson never writes anything that isn’t worth reading and this piece is no exception. The Remains of an Administration. Obama’s policies are in tatters, and the worst scandals of his White House are coming to light. The remains of the Obama team (Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, Samantha Power) are not offering much of a defense for the Obama years — they are now too busy scrambling to hide their own legal culpability and exposure.You need to read this piece in full and then jump into a cool swimming pool to lower your temperature from the white-hot rage you should be feeling.

·       Could you possibly make up a believable fictional story about one of the world’s major cities run by an idiot like de Blasio? No one would buy it. Even Cuomo is thinking about having him replaced. When idiot #1 is considering replacing idiot #2, you know you’re in a pickle.

·       What absolute moron can’t figure this one out? Yes, Meet Rioters with Overwhelming Force. Police passivity only emboldens these cretins. I know that when seconds are critical the police are supposed to be only minutes away, but 15 hours? Philly ShopRite looted for 15 hours straight, owner says.

·       The DOJ has expressed their opinion of Judge Sullivan and it isn’t complimentary. It excoriates him. Deservedly so. Here’s a great interview with Sidney Powell. Gen. Flynn wasn’t just set up, he was framed. You should listen to it. It is only about 11 minutes long.

·       Good luck with that career, Seth. Nothing like insulting the majority of your potential audience. I’m willing to make the sacrifice. By the way, what the heck have you been in?

·       A very good example of the disgusting behavior of some of our politicians I hope Mr. Vecshirko takes up John Hinderaker on his offer to help secure an attorney to sue these despicable people.

·       Nike has released a commemorative shoe to honor looters. I’m sure Adidas will not be one-upped. Rumor is they’re working on a flammable shoe to replace Molotov cocktails.