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In The News for Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Posted Jun 02 2020 7:42AM

·       The first twenty minutes or Tucker Carlson’s monologue last night are must viewing if you missed it. He absolutely nailed it.

·       This is a dialog that needs to be front and center. It’s Past Time to Examine How Police Unions Protect Bad Cops.

·       If you haven’t seen this clip of a women being beaten by a couple of young punks, you’ll be sickened. The Rochester PD is trying to identify them. This is clearly a case where calling Smith & Wesson would have been preferable to calling 911.

·       I mentioned this in yesterday’s post. BET founder Robert Johnson calls for $14 trillion of reparations for slavery. As I said, look for the liberals and race hustlers to try and revive this. Robert hinged part of his argument on the fact that blacks will spend most of it and serve as a boost for the economy. Black comedian Dave Chappelle addressed this in a skit he did for his TV show. It’s hardly politically correct, so be warned if you have never seen it.

·       Twelve members of Joe Biden’s campaign staff have joined with a number of Hollywood’s liberal elite to donate to the Minneapolis rioters and bragged about it on Twitter. Wonder how many votes that will cost Slow Joe. The money is to be used to bail out protesters, rioters and looters. Apparently, they have no interest in helping the small businesses that were victims of the rioting. They are all on my permanent restricted list. Included are Steve Carell and Seth Rogan along with Justin Timberlake, Chrissy Teigen, Cynthia Nixon and a host of others you’ve never heard of. What a disgusting cabal of the clueless.

·       Another installment in my ongoing public service series of how to drive safely through a riot. A Prius demonstrates how to navigate through a riot. Don’t stop under any circumstances. Indicating just how intelligent some of these rioters are, one moron decided that standing in front of a Dually towing a travel trailer on the freeway in Tulsa  was a good idea. It wasn’t.  

·       Update on the continuing Gaffe-A-Matic. Joe garbles his description of picking vice president as his running mate.

·       University of Alabama professor advises rioters on how to destroy Birmingham monument. This is so outrageous it is beyond parody. I assume she will be fired. If I lived in Alabama I would be writing and calling my elected representative demanding action.

·       Meanwhile, the second amendment in action. When you can’t count on the police you have to defend your own property.