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In The News for Monday, June 1, 2020
Posted Jun 01 2020 6:50AM

·       There are two ways to respond to riots. The Toledo model and the Minneapolis model. Every city should have a plan in place to deal with the kind of thing that have developed and it should be implemented immediately. The time to halt this anarchy is right at the beginning.  “The time to halt a riot is right at the start, by pinching off the criminal spearhead with precise and overwhelming force. The cops will usually be caught flat-footed (no pun intended) by the initial outbreak. But they need to spring into a pre-arranged mobilization that should always be as ready in every major city as the fire-department or hospital disaster-response program.” Meanwhile, in Cleveland, OH, the owners of Corbo’s Italian Bakery managed to convince looters and rioters that there were better targets. Two NY attorneys, one, Collinford Mattis,  a Princeton/NYU graduate and another Urooj Rahman, a Fordham graduate, were arrested for tossing a Molotov cocktain into a police cruiser. I’m sure their legal expertise will be a great help to the other inmates they come in contact with.

·       As might be expected, we are beginning to hear the liberals try to revive talk of reparations. No less a personage than black business leader, Robert Johnson, the CEO of Black Entertainment Television (BET) is calling for $14 trillion. It is breathtakingly stupid. We’ll see how this dialog develops.

·       There are some people very nervous about the possibility of Atty. Gen. Barr’s unmasking of Antifa’s communications with their media and political allies. Watch how quickly the left condemns unmasking.

·       The Week in Pictures – Mighty Kayleigh Edition

·       Well, they’re out. Find the crime. Get ready for the fun to start. I hope and believe that the Senate panels will rake these treasonous deep state vermin over the coals, keel-haul them, tar and feather them, and Durham will prosecute them and put them in prison. They are lucky they don’t live in a country where they would just be summarily executed. They’ll get fairer treatment than they gave. Atty. Gen. Barr has added another prosecutor to the team to investigate the unmasking both before and after the election. There had been a major sea change in the narrative over the past month to six weeks and lots of cockroaches are scurrying to get out of the light. D.C. attorneys are reportedly out looking at new vacation homes and Bentley convertibles. Everyone involved in this attempted coup needs to go to jail. No exceptions. ‘No Possible Way’ anti-Trump action in Obama Administration ‘wasn’t known in the White House.’ Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

·       And…maybe the housecleaning has begun. Or at least starting to wipe off the counters. FBI’s top lawyer, Dana Boente, was asked to resign on Friday by the DOJ. It’s a start.

·       Nice try Jake. CNN’s Jake Tapper obviously got the talking point memo that the left badly needs to try and shift the blame for the rioting away from Antifa and toward the far right. National Security Council Advisor Robert O’Brien wasn’t falling for it. The left is, I think, realizing that this anarchy in the streets is likely to have severe repercussions at the voting booth in November, and they don’t favor Democrats.

·       Can these people tell the truth about anything? Anything at all? MSNBC’s Ali Velshi says situation not ‘generally speaking unruly’ while standing outside burning building. This comes to mind. Minnesota has experienced a massive failure of leadership. I’m all up with the President’s statement, particularly the last sentence. Minnesota’s totally failed leadership needs to be kicked out of office and for now it looks like they badly need the 101st Airborne’s help. Reportedly, all of those arrested Friday night were from out of state. Minneapolis Mayor Frey, perhaps the most totally feckless mayor of any major city in the U.S., has responded by trying to make sure rioters have masks. He should be trying to make sure they have bruises from rubber bullets and respiratory problems from being tear-gassed.  

·       Trump may have found a solution to the big arena rallies. Trumptilla’s seem to be spontaneously breaking out in a lot of coastal areas.

·       As Brit Hume remarks, “Well, what do you know.” ABC reports that 21 states that have eased restrictions May 4 or earlier have seen no major increase in  hospitalizations, deaths or people testing positive for the Kung Flu.

·       Sometimes your personal protection is your vehicle. MSG David Royer told his fiancé to call 911 and then proceeded to run over an active shooter with his legally registered Chevrolet. He then went home, hugged his kids, mowed his grass and had dinner. All in a day’s work.

·       Another installment in my Best of Kayleigh series. On mail-in voting.

·       As I’ve pointed out in the past, Sheldon Whitehouse is a total clown. He is a John Laroquette lookalike posing as a Senator. Unfortunately, he can’t be reassigned.

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