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In The News for Friday, May 29, 2020
Posted May 29 2020 8:21AM

·       If you’re a regular reader, you know that I have questioned from inception the measures taken to fight the Wuhan Virus and suggested that we will look back on this period when we have the advantage of time having passed and realize we succumbed to mass hysteria. Brian Wesbury had a very good piece about a week ago that mirrors my thoughts and is worth reading. Miscalculating Risks: Confusing Scary With Dangerous.

·       Gaffe-A-Matic update. Slow Joes does it again.

·       Can Joe Biden survive a battle with…Joe Biden?There is little doubt that Biden’s biggest gaffe is just waiting for his grand return to campaigning in public. You know it, I know it, and his handlers all have bleeding ulcers because they know it better than anyone.”

·       Famous stupid Joe Biden quote: “The thing I’m proudest of…not one single whisper of scandal.” Whaaaat? As you might expect, the Trump campaign couldn’t let this bloviating go unchecked. Their response. And the satirical site Babylon Bee has figured out how to save a lot of time and writers’ salaries. They’re just going to start publishing everything Joe Biden says verbatim. And today’s installment of the Gaffe-A-Matic. Slow Joe mangles history.  

·       Twitter might have finally pushed their censorship of dissenting views a bit too far. The White House has responded with an executive order. It’s been a long time coming and they had to know their behavior would ultimately result in just what happened.  Yoel Roth is Twitter’s “Head of Site Integrity.” A look at his tweeting history tells you all you need to know.

·       My sentiments exactly. Mask wearing is nothing more than virtue signaling at this point. Texas bar owner asks mask-wearers to ‘stay home until it’s safe.’ I’ve noticed that when I go to my grocery store I’m seeing few people wearing masks, but when I go to Whole Foods 98% are wearing masks. Different clientele. Here’s a short clip on the subject.

·       Rioters in Minneapolis are so angry about a police killing that they stole baby clothes, air fryers and televisions from a nearby target and torched an AutoZone store.

·       Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along. Gov. Cuomo was responsible for probably about 10,000 deaths due to his stupid nursing home policy. Governor Cuomo signed legislation granting immunity to nursing homes executives. Oh, did I mention that he received a huge campaign donation form them?

·       From Pew Research Center: COVID-19 deaths have declined in Democratic congressional districts since mid-April, but remained relatively steady in districts controlled by Republicans. Now look at the graph and tell me that you think that is a valid headline. A good example of trying to put a disastrous record in a better light. How in hell do you look at that graph and come up with a headline that tries to paint Democrats in a good light.

·       If you’re interested in the real story behind the firing of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick, read this. It’s not the narrative being bleated by the liberal, anti-administration press. As Pompeo said, he should have been fired much sooner.

·       One Minneapolis man whose mourning was being assuaged by trying to break into a pawn shop managed to take the room temperature challenge by getting himself shot. Maybe he should have just worn black.

·       When all is said and done, Robert Mueller may wish he’d never heard of the Russia Collusion hoax. He may already be there. Trump’s attorney has accused him of ‘monstrous lie,’ ‘scheme to defraud.’ By Mueller’s own admission, he knew the Russia collusion was a red herring early on. He deserved to have his reputation justifiably tarnished for that and for letting ethically challenged Hillary supporter Andrew Weissmann actually run the investigation.

The Wuhan Virus is pushing shaky marriages to the breaking point. As one guy said, “I’ve been trying my best to social distance but my wife keeps trying to get back into the house.”