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In The News for Thursday, May 28, 2020
Posted May 28 2020 8:33AM

·       Midweek in Pictures: Final Coronavirus Edition

·       Apparently it’s okay to censor conservatives on Twitter but not mentally ill liberals desperate for attention.

·       As Stephen Kruiser says in his morning briefing, Trump’s Twitter Trolling is the greatest entertainment in  America and watching his new press secretary Kayleigh McEneny beat up the corrupt press is a never-ending delight. Not a fair fight.

·       Want to see a good liberal meltdown? I’ve been a fan of Joe’s for twenty years and have been on his show numerous times, but I’ve had about all I can stand of Andrew’s not even thinly disguised NY liberal views and severe TDS. Joe handled Andrew’s nervous breakdown with aplomb. Much better than I would have.

·       I’m going to miss this guy. Hope he lands somewhere else in the administration. Richard Grenell bends Sen. Mark Warner over his knee one more time before heading out the door.

·       Well, this would be a tragedy for them. Politico: Democrats Are Worried The Economy Is Going To Recover Before The Election.