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In The News for Thursday, May 21, 2020
Posted May 20 2020 9:35PM

·       The Midweek in Pictures. Just too much good stuff to wait for Saturday.

·       Today’s New York Post cover. They’ve had enough.

·       Today’s installment of The Best of Kayleigh. Squishing Morning Schmo Joe like the bug he is. And this one: WH press secretary dropkicks Chris Cuomo over hydroxychloroquine.  

·       The Susan Rice “memo to self” that was recently declassified is very telling as to what was going on. Now that the redacted paragraph has been declassified by Rick Grenell, it is much clearer. If you want to understand what was going on, you need to read John Hinderaker’s analysis. She was doing a classic CYA. She was also setting up Jim Comey to be thrown under the bus.

·       Just when you think things can’t possibly get any more ridiculous. Nassau County, Long Island Executive Laura Curran explaining how to play tennis under the current regulations. Mind boggling in its stupidity and equally mind boggling that she is so perfectly tone deaf as to how ridiculous she is. She began by explaining that singles was okay but doubles was not and then launched into an explanation of ow to handle the balls.

·       Someone leaked a phone call between Slow Joe and Ukrainian President Poroshenko that destroys Joe’s explanation of how there was no quid pro quo. As if anyone thought otherwise. Now a Ukraine judge has ordered that Slow Joe be listed as alleged perpetrator of crime in prosecutor’s firing. Joe, meanwhile, is holed up in his basement and was heard yelling “you’ll never take me alive, you dirty copper.” He’s apparently been watching old James Cagney movies.

·       Obama has petulantly decided to break with longstanding tradition by refusing to participate in the unveiling of his official portrait  until Donald Trump is no longer in the White House. It looks like the earliest possible reset will be sometime in 2025 or later. I’d say just stick it in the closet for the time being and maybe we’ll forger about it.

·       Great Tweet from Texas Governor Greg Abbott. In another he called out a couple of blue state governors who are begging for a federal bailout. Troll Level: Jedi.

·       Face meet palm. More from the gaffe-a-matic campaign of Sloe Joe.

·       And I don’t care who you are, as Larry the Cable Guy says, this is fall on the floor funny, especially the interview with White House reporter Samantha Bee.

·       You’d think that this is a subject that Biden’s campaign would steer clear of, but apparently someone is pretty tone deaf. Biden campaign official questions whether Trump’s ‘playing with a full deck.’ Really? Thanks for the opening.

·       I think most sane people had a pretty good idea how this would work out. California released early seven sex offenders. Six have been re-arrested.

·       To paraphrase a famous Star Wars line, The Stupid Runs Deep With This One. Slow Joe likens Trump taking hydroxychloroquine to injecting himself with Clorox as (as ‘malarkey’ spotters have a field day”). One suggestion: “Let’s test it out. Trump’s taking HCQ. Biden can take Clorox. Whoever’s alive in the end wins.” Sounds good to me.

·       I’ve commented before on Charles Mackay’s 1841 book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds and suggested his section on Tulipmania might be a good model for how we have reacted to the Kung Flu. Someone else agrees with me.

·       Standup Politician/Comedienne Stacy Abrams will not be happy about this. Is nitwit Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer negotiating with Slow Joe to be his VP pick. To quote the author of the article, “There are only a limited number of people on the planet as naturally unlikeable by disposition as America’s Merkel, Fraulein Whitmer.”

·       A new term for November. “Electorally Distancing” from Democrats.

·       An interesting update from New Zealand. So, how’s that gun confiscation going? Oh, what a surprise, gun crime has gone up. I’m shocked!