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In The News for Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Posted May 20 2020 7:23AM

·       A lot of politicians are idiots who don’t like to be questioned. Here’s a great example from Minnesota. You guessed it. He’s a Democrat.

·       Compare and contrast our four largest states. Very telling, isn’t it?

·       Cavuto takes the vapors. I’ve never been much of a fan of Neil’s but I never had any reason to think he was an uninformed media slug until now.

·       Apple will be manufacturing new headphones in Vietnam instead of China. It is the first time they have used Vietnam to produce an entirely new product. I think we can expect to see more announcements like this. Good. President Trump is taking action to mitigate our reliance on China for pharmaceuticals.

·       Good meme. California/Texas

·       Poor guy. Joe’s virtual basement campaign hasn’t exactly been on fire. He most recent speech was repeatedly interrupted by geese. Yes, that’s right, Geese.  

·       Impeachment 2.0? Really? You’d think they didn’t learn anything the first time. Are they absolutely determined to make November a blowout?

·       Jim Jordan is looking to question the two FBI agents who interviewed Gen. Flynn. What do you want to bet they plead the fifth at some point?

·       My favorite attorney, Sidney Powell, has filed a Writ of Mandamus asking the D.C. Circuit Court to order Judge Sullivan to grant the DOJ’s order dismissing the case against Gen. Flynn. Enough is enough.

·       Have I pointed out recently that it seems like something new comes out every day now in the smelly mess being referred to a Obamagate? Yesterday, we got the declassification of the memo to self from Susan Rice. David Harsanyi had a good Tweet.  It doesn’t reflect well on Jim Comey, either. If he wasn’t already lawyered up, I suspect he will be now. This kind of stuff is coming out so fast that the media is having a tough time trying to cover it up.

·       More good news. Trump announces executive order ‘suspending’ regulations impeding the economy.

·       Pretty funny. The ultimate troll move by Trump? Commentary: President Trump should pardon Barack Obama. Read the whole thing.  

·       I noticed a long time ago that a good sense or humor was one thing that seemed to separate liberals from conservatives. Here is a great example. Some of the press just didn’t seem to get that this was parody. Truth Over Facts. I know many of them aren’t that smart to start with, but please. You need to watch the clip, but make sure you don’t have a mouth full of coffee first or you’ll spit it out.