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In The News - Weekend Edition, Saturday, May 16, 2020
Posted May 16 2020 1:20AM

·       Sorrento Therapeutics claims they have a Coronavirus Cure. This obviously has huge implications for reopening our economy if true. The stock shot up on the news, but that’s nothing compared to what it’s likely to do if their claims are confirmed. It is potentially much more important than a vaccine.

·       How dare you report the news? Some people are not happy with Catherine Herridge for reporting facts. It brings up uncomfortable issues for some of them. I’ve found her to be one of the best at reporting a story without trying to sensationalize it. She is a thorough professional.

·       Finally, a government study has found the solution to all our problems. You guessed it. Give more power to the government. Another great suggestion from Hillary Clinton. Let’s vote by email. Not to be outdone, Joe floats Vote-By-Telegram proposal.

·       It’s gotten to the point where the day just isn’t complete until Joe manages to trip over his tongue or taste one of his feet. In his latest gaffe-a-palooza he informed his listeners that we’re in the midst of a pandemic that has cost millions of lives and 85,000 jobs. As one commenter said, “The debates this fall are going to be legendary.” Personally, I can’t imagine the hospice caretakers allowing him anywhere near a stage that Trump is on.

·       An interesting concept. Treat forced shutdowns like eminent domain. It would help businesses survive and incentivize politicians to shorten the lockdowns.

·       Crazy and Crazier? I think Dumb and Dumber might be the metaphor. Joe Biden asks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to advise him on the environment. Really. This isn’t a joke. Well, of course is it a joke, but it wasn’t meant to be. I can only assume that Greta Thunberg was too tied up advising CNN on the Wuhan Virus to participate.

·       A little update on our most recent “whistle blower.” It’s become quite clear that Trump should have gone through and summarily fired all the Obama holdovers.

·       The original FBI 302 report on the interview with Gen. Flynn seems to have gone missing. What a shock. Inquiring minds would like to see it and compare it to the edited versions. Can this whole affair get any smellier? It’s going to be interesting to see who President Trump ultimately names to be the new Director of the FBI when Wray is ousted. I’m guessing that is will be someone who will cause the Dems and Media to go absolutely, hysterically bonkers. I certainly hope so.

·       Related: Sidney Powell rips Obama a new one. As John Hinderaker said, “A fake lawyer should never try to argue with a real lawyer. In this exchange, the real lawyer is Sidney Powell.”

·       Why no one trusts the numbers. This isn’t an isolated case. There have been a lot of documented cases of the cause of death being ascribed to the Wuhan Virus where the actual cause of death was something unrelated. When all is said and done, it appears that the death toll may come in around 0.1%-0.3%. A rough year for flu runs about 0.1%. Here’s another example of why no one trusts the numbers. A San Diego supervisor says San Diego had only 6 “pure, solely coronavirus” deaths out of 194 listed as such.  

·       Are facemasks the answer. One neurosurgeon says emphatically NO. He isn’t alone. Unless you actually have the virus, there is no point in wearing them.

·       I hope they eventually identify the leaker who committed a felony by leaking to the Washington Post.  They may be zeroing in.

·       Lying Brian decides that interviewing one of the ringleaders in the Russia collusion conspiracy might help his few listeners understand why the unmasking revelations isn’t a big deal. That’s right let’s ask John Brennan who lied to Congress and who more and more evidence points to as one of the main orchestrators of this scandal. Is there a more ridiculous empty suit that Bryan Williams?

·       No, this isn’t the Comedy Channel. It was a MSNBC townhall with Slow Joe and the always entertaining Stacy Abrams, the not governor of Georgia. I’m not sure there has ever been a more insignificant politician who has milked their ten minutes of fame more that Ms. Abrams.

·       Great quote from Mitch McConnell on Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion “stimulus” bill. “Can you believe it We forgot to have the Treasury Department send money to people here illegally. My goodness. What an oversight! Thank goodness Democrats are on the case.”