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In The News for Friday, May 15, 2020
Posted May 15 2020 6:54AM

·       A scientific explanation of why shutdowns are useless. The consequences are worst than the benefits by far.

·       We have more information that the Obama administration engaged in misconduct that we ever did for opening the Russian-collusion investigation. It’s something new coming out every day now. The hue and cry for justice is getting louder and louder.

·       Not all heroes wear capes. We owe a big one to Richard Grenell for his brilliant move in exposing the unmaskers. It’s like you overturned a rock and now all the bugs are scurrying around trying to find lawyers. And I don’t think Grenell is done, just yet. He dropped another bombshell. Admitted Communist John Brennan has been in my crosshairs since day one. He is the leadoff perp walk I’m dying to see, although I’d settle for Comey.

·       Brit Hume correctly observes, “It was the worst journalistic fiasco of now my more that 50 some years in journalism.” The Collusion Media RECKONING Begins: Pulitzer Prizes Were Won for Blaring Utter Fiction.

·       Is Judge Sullivan aware of last week’s Supreme Court decision regarding the improper use of Amicus Briefs?

·       What integrity would they be talking about? Report: Some Trump Advisors “Anxious” About Him Attacking Obama’s Integrity.  

·       Well put. Sen. McConnell described Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion bill as a “1800 page seasonal catalog of left-wing oddities.”

·       Tom Cotton had some comments about Joe Biden’s request to unmask Gen. Flynn. I think this has gone way too far for the complicit media to cover it up. He will be asked to answer the question eventually. For now he’s staying in his basement. More than a dozen Obama officials asked for Gen. Flynn’s unmasking. The scale should be the focus of the investigation.

·       Question asked and answered. We’re told to listen to the experts, then they show us their idea of expertise.