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In The News for Thursday, May 14, 2020
Posted May 14 2020 7:24AM

·       Let’s start off with a little humor courtesy of CNN and other outlets. It’s always good to bring in the best experts on any given subject. ROTFLMAO! Greta Thunberg on Wuhan Virus and AOC heading up Slow Joe’s Climate Change Task Force. Who could make this stuff up? It isn’t as you might expect from the Babylon Bee, although they did weigh in. It’s kind of sad to see an eighteen-year old who is destined to have a long career as the subject of memes and the butt of jokes about wokeness.  

·       OBAMAGATE UPDATE: HOLY COW! Is there anyone in the Obama administration who wasn’t on the list of people who asked for Unmaskings? Obama’s Chief of Staff, Biden, Comey…the list is very long. It’s getting smellier and smellier by the day. There is no question at this point that this is the biggest political scandal in American history and it totally permeates Obama’s (did someone say ‘scandal free’) administration. It has been covered up by a complicit press and lying former officials. It’s time for a reckoning and it needs to reach deep and involve jail time. Both Obama and Biden should have to testify under oath. We now have a short list that includes someone who committed a felony by leaking to Adam Entous and David Ignatius of the Washington Post. John Brennan, through a spokesperson, declined comment. The number Tweets coming out of Comey and Brennan seems to have fallen off significantly.

·       The WaPo wasn’t ready to concede. Kellyanne Conway and others leveled their ‘fact checker’s’ attempt to downplay the list of Obama officials who requested Flynn unmasking. “We cannot confirm they saw the unmasked information.” Really? Just how stupid do you think we are?

·       This wasn’t all over the media yesterday but was interesting, nevertheless. GOP Sweeps Congressional Special Elections. Wisconsin wasn’t a surprise, but California was more interesting. The election to replace Katie Hill (of “throuple” fame) saw Mike Garcia with a double digit lead over Democrat Christy Smith. It was the first time a blue district has flipped in a long time. Prior to the libidinous Katie Hill’s election, it was a typically red district, though.

·       If you had any doubts about the need to reopen the economy, this should put them to rest. One of the most economically illiterate members of Congress is against it. Haven’t heard from this nitwit lately. It’s been like a month in the country.

·       As well he should be. Sen. Grassley gives Obama a warning that he is now part of the Russia hoax investigation.

·       Sidney Powell had some “blistering” comments regarding Judge Sullivan’s amazing response to the DOJ’s dropping the charges against Gen. Flynn. He is turning his court into a circus and he must know that if he doesn’t comply he will almost certainly be reversed by a higher court. Judge Sullivan has in the past expressed disdain for Amicu Curiae briefs. Wonder what’s different this time? Judge Sullivan, by turning his court into a left wing grievance circus, runs the risk of sullying what has up to now been a decent reputation. Powerline takes him to task and sheds more light on the situation. This is really an incredible turn of events.

·       Most of us have probably experienced a trip to the Emergency Room at some point. This is a good recounting of one man’s experience. Pretty funny.

·       Andrea Mitchell has long been a known water carrier for some of the most off the wall liberal misinformation, but she keeps trying to one-up herself. Now she is trying to equate a phone call with Vladimir Putin with the DOJ’s deciding to drop the charges against Gen. Flynn. If for some reason you don’t get the Comedy Network on your cable, you can always flip to MSNBC.

·       LOL. From the Babylon Bee. White House Security Concerns Raised As Eyes In Old Obama Portrait Seen Moving.

·       One by one the wheels are coming off the Russia Collusion Train. Seems like one falls off every day now.

·       A long piece by someone who has had enough. She is right. On Not Being A Sheep.

·       This clip of the Best of Brian Stelter has already garnered 1.5 million views on Twitter. Is there a bigger clown on television than this guy? I can only assume he had pictures of someone that guarantee his job.