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In The News for Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Posted May 13 2020 7:29AM

·       UNBELIEVABLE! The $3 trillion bill proposed by Nancy Pelosi is is something that I would have expected to read on the satirical site, Babylon Bee. It is hopefully a total not-starter and any American with a lick of sense should be calling their Congressman or Congresswoman to express their revulsion. Tucker Carlson had a good summary of it. Watch this, and if it doesn’t cause you to ignite in a white-hot rage, you are beyond hope. It is nothing more than a liberal wish list of outrageous proportions and would once and for all kill any action on unfettered illegal immigration. Anyone who backs this bill should be tarred and feathered after being horse whipped.

·       In other news that is hard to believe, Judge Sullivan has ordered a delay in ruling on the DOJ’s dropping of the Flynn case while he solicits Amicus Curiae briefs. He runs the risk of letting his court become a circus and it is almost impossible that a higher court wouldn’t overrule him if he doesn’t dismiss the case as the DOJ asks.  

·       CBS, the Dan Rather network, was caught selectively editing comments form Atty. Gen. Barr to try and cast him in a bad light. They were roundly condemned and issues a tepid apology. Just another example of the behavior we have gotten used to from a useless mainstream media.

·       From American Thinker: Social Distancing is Snake Oil, Not Science. From Brian Wesbury, the Fauci Crash.

·       The documents naming those in the Obama administration requesting “unmasking” of U.S. citizens have been declassified and will make for some interesting reading. I think we’ll see that the number of requests was unprecedented. We already know that Susan Rice, the poster girl for the Peter Principle, has admitted to making unmasking requests of Trump officials during the transition, and we know she couldn’t possibly have any political motives. It would appear that our ex-president is clearly nervous about something that perhaps even a compliant media won’t be able to dissemble. Senator Grassley had some comments. What do you think the odds are that Obama will be asked about them? Slim to none I’ll warrant. And why did Obama tell the FBI to hide its activities from the Trump administration? After four years of frustration as the press ignored what was going on, the worm has finally turned and something is coming out every day. As Flounder so aptly put it, “Oh boy, is this great.”

·       I think Obama once referred to his administration as “the most transparent in history.” That may ultimately be true.

·       We can expect more of this. Apple is gearing up to shift a fifth of its iPhone production from China to India.

·       It’s getting very interesting now that some insiders are beginning to open up and cooperate. Bruce Ohr is under scrutiny again for his denial of conflict of interest due to his wife’s employment by Fusion GPS. Like anyone ever believed that.

·       President Trump and the Press. Yank chain and wait for bark. As I’ve said before, Pavlov could take lessons from Trump.

·       Anybody want to take a bet that James Clapper lied to Congress? I’ve joked that the Washington, D.C. trial lawyers association was about to get a big payday. There are reports that all the high priced lawyers are quickly getting retained as the Durham investigation gains steam.

·       Damn, Bryan. Why don’t you just say what you think. I think  he nailed it pretty well. I don’t know who he is, but I like his way with words.