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In The News for Monday, May 11, 2020
Posted May 11 2020 6:50AM

·       From the inimitable and odious Paul Krugman comes pretty good evidence that we may actually have a “V” recovery. Paul’s comment give me a much higher feeling of relief about this bull market’s legs.

·       NBC President declares “We are winning war with White House.” He is fired one week later. Not even a Pyrrhic Victory.

·       John Solomon’s piece on Saturday: The Dirty Dozen: The 12 revelations that sunk Mueller’s case against Flynn. Peeling back the Onion. Not surprisingly, even after being b***h slapped in the face with the truth, there are still plenty on the left who are clinging to their false narrative. I have, though, noticed a deafening silence on the part of some of the most TDS afflicted posters on Facebook. It’s now in Judge Sullivan’s hands and he should rule quickly to dismiss the case. Despite what the hysteria on the left would have you believe, there is ample precedent.   

·       Hopefully, the Dementors are circling over Adam Schiff and he’ll wind up in Azkaban. I still think we need to consider caning him on the steps of the Capitol since he isn’t likely to be executed for his treasonous coup attempt. His behavior goes way past dirty politics.

·       Former president Obama has been laying low until recently, perhaps hoping that the seditious behavior of his administration wouldn’t be exposed for all to see. That ship has sailed and he is now circling the wagons and trying to apply the Dopeler Effect for all its worth. This piece is well worth reading. Anyone who thought this scandal developed in a vacuum, without being orchestrated at the highest levels, has Kool-Aid coming out their nose. Jonathan Turley, Georgetown Law School constitutional law expert, nicely took apart Obama’s “leaked” comments on the Flynn affair. Obama’s behavior would seem to indicate that the bombers are finally over the target. Sidney Powell certainly thinks so.

·       In case Joe picks Kamala Harris, AP is already giving guidance on how to refer to her affair with her married political mentor.

·       I ran across this incredible version of Judy Collin’s singing Amazing Grace, arguably the greatest hymn of all time. It was written by John Newton, a former slave trader, and English poet, William Cowper, and was published in 1779.

·       Full Panic Mode? I certainly hope so and that they have reason to be. From the party that brought you Adam Schiff, Jabba the Nadler, Jim Comey, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, John Brennan and James Clapper to name only a few. As I’ve said, the D.C. trial lawyer’s bar has a big payday coming as these reptiles get lawyered up.

·       I’m becoming a big fan of Kayleigh McEnany.

·       An excellent post on Instapundit about why the press is so upset with their treatment by the Trump administration and how much they deserve it. “He didn’t make a mockery of them. He merely exposed what a cheap mockery they already were.”

·       A good look at the death rate per thousand in the U.S. And the press is lionizing Cuomo? Give me a break!