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Reveille for Friday, May 8, 2020
Posted May 08 2020 7:38AM

·       DOJ MOVES TO DISMISS CHARGES AGAINST GEN. FLYNN. I’d say that clearly the force has shifted from the Sith to the Jedi. Scott Johnson had a short comment: “The conduct of the FBI and the Department of Justice in the Flynn case has been a complete and utter disgrace to both institutions.” I’m thinking that things are going to just get more and more fun. Following the announcement, the Libs and Dems were absolutely melting down on Twitter as they spazzed in place while their heads spun uncontrollably. Damn, this has been a long time coming. I almost choked on my last mouthful of popcorn.  As if this weren’t enough, comes news that Adam Schiff may be in full panic mode. His time is coming. The transcripts from his “investigation” have been released and are damning. Rumor is that Richard Grenell may be releasing some more. President Obama is clearly implicated in the documents released so far. Democrats are frantically spinning, but the facts are the facts, and Americans of all political persuasions should be white hot with rage over what was clearly an attempted coup.

·       Well, this is certainly inconvenient for those who have all but abandoned the principles of #MeToo. Tara Reide’s ex-husband referred to her being sexually harassed while she worked for Joe Biden in a court filing made in 1996. That’s about as close to a smoking gun as we’re likely to see on a charge that is 24 years old.

·       Hopefully, this is true and someone is finally going to address shifting the military back to being the military and away from the political correctness that has tainted it since the Obama years.

·       Interesting. Cam Ranh Bay was a U.S. Naval Base during the Vietnam era. There are rumors that Vietnam is considering leasing it to us for a Naval Base in the South China Sea.

·       Good news on the human rights front. Democratic activist judge in Texas slapped down by Texas Supreme Court which  orders beauty salon owner released from jail. Yesterday was a good day for some justice, wasn’t it?

·       I agree with her. Their “fair share is zero. That’s $0.00, you pluperfect nitwit. AOC insisted illegal immigrants are entitled to their “fair share” of federal and state funds.

·       I’ve commented before on how utterly useless and wrong the IHME model has been. Enough already.

·       You’ve heard of Seal Team Six, the group of special operators who took down Osama bin Laden. Well, not we have Meal Team 5, an Ector County, TX group of donut hounds who took down a peaceful protest at a bar.

·       How embarrassing to be publicly neutered. ‘Meghan doesn’t like it’: Harry sells rifle collection to reportedly please Meghan after vowing to give up hunting because she is against it. This guy needs to grow a backbone, among other appendages.