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In The News for Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Posted May 06 2020 10:05AM

·        A good example of press hysteria. Drudge had this heading in bold headlines – UPDATE: MODEL SHOWS 134,000 DEATHS BY AUGUST. It is the IHME model, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. It has been useless, so far, and off by a magnitude.

·       College students are pushing back. University of Chicago students demand 50% tuition cut due to Wuhan Virus.

·       Well, this is hardly surprising. Study links vegetarian and veganism diets to increased likelihood of depression. Once had a roommate who would try from time to time to go that route. All it took for him to fall off the wagon was the smell of bacon cooking or ribs on the grill.

·       In case you haven’t read about the 1619 Project, the New York Times embraced it. It is total bunk and revisionism pushed by a fringe element of “academia.” Amazingly, the New York Times won the Pulitzer Prize for this piece of discredited “journalism.”

·       So how’s that Sanctuary State working for you Gov. Newsom? ‘Sanctuary’ California Begs Trump for Help After Illegal Aliens Spill Into COVID Units.

·       The Real Story behind the continuing lockdowns. Hint, it’s political.

·       Ambulance chasing lawyer, Lisa Bloom, might have killed #MeToo with one Tweet. She just put into clear language what the rest of the Dems are actually doing.

·       Don Lemon is perhaps on of the truly biggest nitwits on national (if CNN even qualifies, anymore) television. He clearly has one of the most virulent cases of TDS which has infected most of the media.