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In The News for Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Posted May 04 2020 9:49PM

·       A great interview with Gen. Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell. I believe heads are going to roll. Haven’t seen Comey on TV lately, but I’ll be that SE grin isn’t there anymore. Tick Tock, Jim, Tick Tock. Clearly things are speeding up. Judge Sullivan has ordered the government to respond to Sidney Powell’s motion to dismiss by 12 PM on 5/4 and Gen. Flynn must file his answer by 12 PM on 5/6.   

·       John Brennan is, in case you have forgotten or weren’t aware, a former communist. What nitwit would name him head of the C.I.A. Oh, yea. Nevermind.

·       It’s a day late but still good. May the fourth be with you. Yesterday was Star Wars Day and the Trump campaign put out a video ad in honor of it.

·       Simply incredible that this race baiter has any kind of public forum, much less that the Democratic nominee for President feels the need to genuflect.

·       The longer this goes on, the worse China looks. A fundamental restructuring of these tangled economic relationships with China certainly isn’t going to be easy, but one would hope that it’s painfully obvious by now that it needs to happen. China isn’t going to become remorseful, clean up its act, and suddenly morph into a good global neighbor

·       The estimates of the death rate from the Wuhan Virus was the primary reason used to justify our economic suicide and the shutdown and quarantine in place policies implemented across the country. They have proved to be worthless and off by a significant magnitude. We are currently looking at the probability that the death rate will be comparable to a bad flu year.

·       Gov. Ron DeSantis absolutely dunks all over his critics who predicted doom for Florida. You mean the media don’t know what they’re talking about? That’s a pretty safe bet.

·       You had to know this was coming. Trump has plan to remove US dependency o China supply chain. Absolutely Positively as Fedex used to say.

  • There is speculation that James Baker is cooperating with the Durham investigation. If this is true, it would explain why he is cooperating in hopes of cutting a deal.