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In The News for Monday, May 4, 2020
Posted May 03 2020 5:00PM

·       The Trust Deficit.  Officials who don’t trust the public to handle bad news often sugarcoat or obfuscate facts. Then, when the public senses that it’s being spun or lied to, it begins to lose faith in these officials. Disaster researchers sometimes use the phrase “elite panic” to describe cases where distrust of the public leads authorities to enact heavy-handed measures during crises.


One Of My Favorite Economists

A very long Week in Pictures from the folks at Powerline. The section on individual liberties is the best part.

·       Entrepreneurs have been quick to respond to the needs of the most hysterical. Here is a mask that you can get for only $129 and if you’re really serious, you can go full spaceman for $168..

·       Boy, this flies in the face of everything the media is trying to accomplish. You think maybe people are figuring out some things what with the recent damning FBI releases and the non-stop hysteria over the King Flu? According to Gallup, the President’s approval ratings have surged to a new high led by an increase in the key Independent part of the survey. 47% of Independents approved, the highest ever, along with 93% of Republicans and 8% of Democrats.

·       Without question, Andrew McCarthy has been one of the best and most accurate people for the past three years on the subject of the Russia Collusion hoax and the Flynn prosecution. He believes something seems rotten about both the Flynn prosecution and the Mueller investigation. The closer one looks, the worse it gets. We can say that narrowly about the Flynn prosecution, and more generally about the Mueller investigation.” It appears that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe might have had an axe to grind. I expect he’s lawyering up along with Jim Comey I agree with law professor and Instapudit commenter Glenn Reynolds, “People need to be prosecuted and disbarred over this, as an example to others.” Interestingly, unless you watched Fox News, you might have been unaware of this major breaking story. Related: Sounda like Judge Sullivan is getting tired of being beaten up.  

·       Related: Joe diGenova: Former FBI General Counsel James Baker Has Flipped and There’s a Mole Inside the FBI. This is getting so good! I’m reading everything that comes out and looking forward to more. Been waiting for three years, and fully expected that at some point we would begin to see stuff like this. It is backfiring on those who perverted our system for political ends and tried to ruin the lives of innocent people. It is, in fact, the biggest political scandal in our history and I believe people who never expected to be called out will be spending time in prison and will be disbarred for life as they are held accountable for their crimes and treason. My confidence is growing about this outcome.

·       *As always, some of the best commentary on this scandal is coming from Andrew McCarthy. This is a must read if you truly want to understand what took place and why Gen. Flynn was set up. The FBI Set Flynn Up to Preserve the Trump-Russia Probe. Tick Tock, Boys and Girls, Tick Tock. I hear there is a run on $2000/hour criminal defense attorneys in Washington, D.C. going on as treasonous rats lawyer up. I think we’ve reached the point where anything less than indictments for those involved will be met with open rebellion.

·   The stay at home peasants are revolting. Good. They should. I fully expect to see a number of our overreaching politicians suffer badly when they try to get reelected.

·       Nancy Pelosi’s “defense” of Slow Joe was essentially ‘Boys Will Be Boys’. I believe that Tara Reade is telling the truth. Joe’s behavior in this regard was well known among those in Washington, D.C. but, like others such as the Kennedy’s, was overlooked by those who could have blown the whistle. The press has done its best to ignore this story, but it doesn’t look like its going away and Joe was finally forced to go on television and deny it. The media has asked President Trump about the allegations more times than they have asked Joe Biden. Luckily for Joe, his base is sticking with him. He had a tough time trying to describe why his records couldn’t be searched for Tara Reade’s name. Pretty pathetic performance.  

Tweet on Press.PNG

·       The press continues to impress with their knowledge of firearms. A bozooka?

·       A great bon mot from Tom Cotton replying to defeated politician Claire McCaskill’s comment that he can’t smile.

We have shown we are capable of electing a President who lies. It remains to be seen if we will elect a President who has never been caught smiling.

— Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) April 29, 2020


He smiles when the occasion calls for it:

Oh, @clairecmc, wrong again. I grinned ear to ear when @HawleyMO beat you like a drum. ??

— Tom Cotton (@TomCottonAR) April 30, 2020

·       A few times the media has been gleeful that people got sick or died during this outbreak. There are plenty more.

·       Nothing to do with anything except a dose of humor. This clip from Cheers of Cliff and Norm recalling their previous night out is hilarious when they find a receipt from a tattoo parlor.   

·       You say the kids won’t be going back to school until September?

·       These two guys are lucky. Stupid, but lucky. As for the homeowner, he’s signed up for a course in shotgun marksmanship. Can’t imagine how he missed.