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In The News for Friday, May 1, 2020
Posted Apr 30 2020 11:08PM

·       Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of the fall of Saigon. This is a particularly good article about it. I remember watching on coverage on television and seeing North Vietnamese tanks rolling up to the Ba Muoi Ba (33) beer brewery across the street from where I lived in DaNang. It is a rice beer and is now owned by Sabeco Brewery and is exported. It was referred to as Tiger P**s by most GI’s.   

·       For those of us who believe “the shutdowns have gone on long enough and have proved to be both unnecessary and horribly destructive” we now have our own anthem set to the tune of Let My People Go. I’m going to put it on my iTunes. It’s very well done.

·       More docs released on the Flynn case. With every doc dump, the FBI looks worse and Kevin Nunes looks more prescient. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen Rachel Maddow, or Morning Joe and his nitwit wife owning up to how abysmally inept and wrong they have been. I’m sure they’re crafting a heartfelt apology to their viewers who actually thought they knew what they were talking about. There is no way around indicting those responsible. It is looking more and more as if someone inside has flipped and is pointing out where to find the stuff Comey et al tried to hide. This is an interesting thread on Twitchy. Most, and I agree, don’t favor a pardon for Gen. Flynn. They believe as I do that the case should be thrown out and the government attorneys should be investigated and disbarred if convicted of doing what it now appears they did. When all is said and done, Gen. Flynn is likely to file a civil suit and wind up being a rich man. Well deserved, too.

·       You’d think that when your lying and treasonous activities were exposed to the light of day for all to see that you would be trying to distance yourself from the idiocy you have been trying to promulgate. You would be wrong. To wit, here is the despicable Nancy Pelosi’s tweet on Gen. Flynn. “Michael Flynn has proven he cannot be trusted to serve America’s best interests and national security instead of Russia’s. #FireFlynn.” Simply incredible. When you think someone can’t sink any lower, they always seem to take it as a challenge, don’t they? Here is the link to her tweet in case you think I made that disgusting utterance up. She’s had a few days to do her mea culpa. Don’’t hold your breath.

·       Satire? I think not.  Judge Dismisses Sexual Assault Allegations Against Biden On Grounds That He Is Not A Republican. Now liberals are screaming for MSNBC’s Chris Hayes’ head after he had the absolute gall to raise the question of why Slow Joe hasn’t responded to the sexual assault allegations. Let’s be fair. Does anyone who has seen Joe lately really believe he can remember anything that happened that long ago? I’m loving this. The hashtag #FireChrisHayes is trending with incensed liberals. The story just keeps getting better. Guess who has been named co-chair of the committee to help Joe select a woman vice president? Yep, noted corrupt lecher and Ted Kennedy wingman Chris Dodd. Is there not anyone on that poor guy’s campaign staff who isn’t totally tone-deaf? Let’s remember these words of wisdom from Jim Treacher and David Burge.

·       I’d just by lying if I said I hadn’t been enjoying the past few days reading the damning documents emanating from the FBI and Mueller investigation and reveling in the hope of coming indictments. I’ve got to go out and re-stock my Orville Redenbacher’s. Some of the documents produced by the government to Gen. Flynn’s counsel, Sidney Powers, were declassified Wednesday night. They weren’t just exculpatory; they were damning and indicative of criminal activity on the part of the FBI and DOJ. Indictments should be forthcoming or there will be a hue and cry that is very loud. I expect James Comey and others are getting lawyered up. Tick tock, Jim, Tick Tock. If your dog starts barking at 6 AM in the morning, you’d best be dressed and ready to go for a ride downtown.

·       The importance of liquor to sanity and matrimonial harmony cannot be overemphasized.


·       Elon Musk is spot on. Mark Zuckerberg is simply parroting the liberal talking points. Ann Coulter has an excellent analogy, comparing the hysteria caused by the press to the legendary War of the Worlds broadcast by Orson Welles. The press was duped in both cases, but in the most recent one they continue to stick to a debunked narrative.