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In The News for Thursday, April 30, 2020
Posted Apr 29 2020 10:02PM

·       The vast majority of Wuhan Virus cases may well be asymptomatic. Perhaps over 95%.

·       It sure looks like some fecal matter is getting ready to hit the fan. The evidence of criminal malfeasance on the part of the FBI and Mueller team are no longer theory. It’s been a long time coming and is way overdue. Is there anyone you’d rather have in your corner than Sidney Powell if you were wrongly prosecuted by the DOJ and set up by the FBI? Lawyers are all shouting “Pick Me” for the inevitable civil suit that’s coming.  

·       This is the interview I shared with you before YouTube suppressed it. Here it is courtesy of the station that did it in the first place. Do you really want YouTube censoring what you can see of not see? They are begging for government intervention.

·       Now that things are opening back up, I need to visit my favorite Skeet Shooting/Driving Range.

·       The Belgians need our help. Or is it the Belch?

·       Dennis Prager: Our Dress Rehearsal For A Police State.

1.     Draconian Laws depriving citizens of elementary rights.

2.     A Mass Media supportive of the state’s messaging and deprivation of rights.

3.     Use of Police

4.     Snitches

·       Some very good advice

Quarantine Advice.png

·       Trump is turning up the pressure on the disreputable Adam Schiff to release Russia investigation witness transcripts. As Stephen Green says, Squeeze Till It Hurts.

·       Mnuchin says no bailout for states with badly managed budgets. Good new for those of us in states that would have to pick up the bill.

·       Journalism and “packed crowds”. A trick widely used when photographing Biden campaign rallies.

·       A Plague of ‘Credentialed’ Experts. As I’ve said, I look forward to the day when I can turn on the TV and not see Drs. Fauci, Gottleib or Oz spouting off.

·       I’ve talked about the Dopeler Effect before. This is a good example from the Washington Post, publishing a thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory that the New York Times first ran and that was picked up by ABC.

Yesterday, the Washington Post proved, as if proof were even needed, that they are no longer a left-leaning, establishment friendly newspaper but they are a blatant propaganda outlet beholden to the Democrat Party that will shamelessly circulate obvious lies that have been debunked on several occasions if they thing the lies will harm President Trump.

·       Why have women’s groups gone dead silent on Bided sex-assault accusation? Glenn Reynolds has the answer. “Because ‘women’s groups’ aren’t about women, they’re just leftist fronts.”

·       In what altered universe is this the kind of news that even needs reporting? The guy would have trouble filling a phone booth for a campaign event. At first I though it must be a story from The Babylon Bee satirical site.

·       Speaking of the Babylon Bee, this story caught my eye as being fairly close to the truth. Latest Computer Model Predicts between 0 and 12.6 Billion New Wuhan Virus Deaths By Summer. And this one could easily be true.

·       Slow Joe has decided to go after Milton Friedman. Good luck with that one, Joe. You might want to choose a less formidable opponent. Even though Friedman died in 2006, he’ll mop the floor with you.

·       Great line from a fellow Democrat about the risible attempt by Stacey Abrams to be named Biden’s running mate. “You know, at the race track, you cannot show up at the winner’s window with loser’s tickets.” Her Georgia gubernatorial race is being investigated for ethics violations, by the way.

·       Of course they were aware of it. Dossier author reveals he believes Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice knew about his anti-Trump research. What Kool-Aid drinking idiot doesn’t believe this?

·       As we pointed out at the time, this whole thing was pretty fishy, pun intended, from the get go. Now the wife is being investigated for murder. Should have been the prime suspect from day one. Investigation by the Washington Free Beacon revealed that Wanda was prolific Democrat donor with violent tendencies and had been previously charged with domestic assault against her husband. Kind of hard to believe it’s taken the Mesa City, AZ police this long to have that “AHA” moment when the light goes off.

·       Pretty sure I’m going to pass on this Islamic cure if I test positive. Mehdi Sabili, affiliated with the Iranian regime, put out a video of himself “taking the cure.” He said that Dromedary Urine is best drunk “fresh and warm” three times a day for three days. I have always said I’d try anything once, and did so in the case of chitterlings, but this isn’t one that will make the cut.