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In The News for Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Posted Apr 27 2020 10:06PM

·       Do Lockdowns Save Many Lives? In Most Places, the Data Say No. If you’d like to listen to a podcast with the author, here is the link to Powerline. Holy Cow! As if Californians didn’t have enough to worry about. “Gov. Newsom has appointed Tom Steyer to head the committee to make plans [to reopen California’s economy]. You can expect it to include solar powered suppositories.”   

·       Demand from Police probably put them over the top. An entrepreneurial pair of donut shop workers who were laid off started their own Internet Donut Business in Denver, ‘Pandemic Donuts.’ They’re already looking for a bigger space.

·       Wait, how long are we supposed to stay in lockdown? More and more evidence is pointing to no longer.

·       Mayo Clinic to furlough or reduce pay of 30,000 employees. This is going on nationwide and wasn’t part of the narrative, was it?

·       WHO continues to demonstrate why President Trump has decided to withhold funds from this UN agency that has proven itself incapable and biased.

·       I linked to this yesterday. It has continued to go viral and, while long, should be a must watch for everyone, particularly the last two minutes. The two doctors were guests on Laura Ingraham’s show last night and generated so much interest that YouTube removed their clip, censoring it because it goes against their policy of not allowing anything that questions WHO. Unbelievable! Tucker Carlson also covered it Monday evening. Here is a summary for those of you who now won’t be able to watch the whole thing. They also point out the unintended consequences of our lockdown; increased mental illness, child molestation, domestic abuse, alcohol and drug-related emergencies.

Who says what’s safe? Are you smart enough to know what is safe for you? Or is it the government gonna tell you what’s safe for you? As soon as they use the word safe, that means control. 'We know what’s safe for you. You’re too dumb to understand disease. We know what’s safe.' And so, they are going to use this model for different things. 'We got a bomb threat from China. Everybody stay in their home for three months.' They [the government] are using this to see how much of your freedom can they take from you. Will you roll over and stay in your house? And it’s working. AMEN, sir. Let’s get America back to work.

·       Confirmation from Dr. Scott Atlas, former Neuroradiology Chief at Stanford University Medical Center. He calls on policy makers “to ignore the panic and rely on facts.” Good luck. They are drunk with power for now.

·       Do we really want these people deciding what we see or don’t see? I don’t think so. YouTube removes biotech company’s video showing potential internal UVA light treatment for Wuhan Virus. And as for Google…somehow the Larry King episode with the call from the mother of Biden’s accuser has mysteriously disappeared from Google Play Catalog. As Inspector Renault said, “I’m shocked, shocked!”

·       Nashville musician and filmmaker Jake Coco had a great idea that President Trump should adopt. It would make the White House press conferences so much more interesting.  Take a cue from Survivor Island and vote for which reporters get kicked off the White House Briefing Island.

I say we start doing these briefings survivor style. Every evening American citizens can vote by phone and have the weakest journalist with the worst questions booted, making room for real questions to be asked

— Jake Coco (@jakecoco) April 24, 2020

Some tough choices, but my money is on Jim Acosta.

·       Do I ever hope she’s right. Maria Bartiromo teases big news regarding Gen. Flynn coming this week. If she is right, buckle up. It’s going to get fun. This out last night. Looks like something is going on. Andrew McCarthy had some comments. Always worth reading his take.

·       Rob Reiner is by all indications in the final, terminal stages of TDS. He is vying with Bette Midler to see who succumbs first.

·       The “Believe All Women” movement seems to have hit a roadblock. Who would have expected it? Anyone with a brain.

·       How to handle it when the lefties come for you. HHS spokesman won’t back down or apologize for Tweets dug up by CNN. They’re baffled. It’s not the typical response, although it should be.